College Cheerleader Gets Ejected from Game After On-Court Altercation with Basketball Player

A college cheerleader was ejected from a game last weekend after stomping onto the court to berate a player for allegedly touching her when he went out of bounds during the game.

It isn’t every day you see a cheerleader ejected from a game, for sure.

The incident occurred toward the end of the game on Saturday, when Alabama A&M visited R.W. Harrison HPER arena to face home team the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils. Apparently, Alabama A&M’s Dailin Smith got too close to a cheerleader when he stepped out of bounds after a pass, Fox News reported.

Video of the incident seems to show that Alabama’s Smith may have brushed up against the Mississippi cheerleader who was performing some kicks on the sidelines.

In the video, you can see the cheerleader spinning around to see who had entered her space after she made a split kick.

But the cheerleader was not willing to just let it go. The next time the visiting team returned to her end of the court, she took matters into her own hands. As soon as the ref whistled the play over, the woman boldly stomped out on the court and put her hands on the player.


Soon enough, game mics caught a woman yelling “security,” and Caleb Brunson, one of the commentary broadcasters, said in surprise, “The Alabama A&M coach, he’s fussing and cussing.”


Brunson’s broadcast partner, Andre Williams, also noted that the coach was “losing it” as Brunson jumped back in with the explanation that, “they’re gonna put one of the cheerleaders out of the game.”

The video also shows Alabama A&M head coach Otis Hughley Jr. directing security toward the cheerleader and, in a few minutes, they are seen escorting her out of the arena. At least she seemed to go without further controversy.

It has not been reported what the cheerleader said to Smith when she waltzed out onto the court, but the video does seem to show that she pushed him on the shoulder during their confrontation.

The strange incident aside, the game ended up well for Alabama, as Messiah Thompson hit one last buzzer-beating basket to give his team a 70-68 win over Mississippi Valley State — which may not be a big surprise, considering that MVS has a dismal 3-23 record so far this year.

School officials later noted that the basketball cheerleader was “extremely apologetic.”

“The Mississippi Valley State University student involved is extremely apologetic about the incident and has written a sincere apology acknowledging her mistake. MVSU officials will be reaching out to Alabama A&M officials,” MVSU officials said in a statement, according to WAPT-TV.

The cheerleader has also been benched while the university’s judicial affairs office reviews the case. The cheerleader has not been named publicly.

In any case, this is something you won’t see every day, and just might end up causing the woman to lose her spot on the cheer squad.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.