BREAKING: Famous College BANS Conservative Students

There has been a rise of controversial behavior on college campuses over the past couple of years. We have witnessed a steady increase of anti-conservative behavior, but this time we have achieved an all-time low.

Cornell University in New York is now encouraging students to file bias reports against people they go to school with who respond negatively to their version of “safe spaces,” according to Campus Reform. The school has been posting flyers everywhere talking up their “safe place” project. While the group seems to want to protect the people that they like, they are–at the same time–trying to tear down people they do not like.

The goal of the “safe place,” is to “affirm LGBTQ identities and lives and promote an affirmative and supportive environment.” They do this by passing out pins and cards that say the wearer “won’t tolerate discrimination.”

In truth, the project practically mandates that anyone who thinks differently than they do is executing an act of discrimination. Of course, there is no room for debate if one side believes the other is terminally wrong.

The school already passed a nondiscrimination policy that would ensure sexual orientation equality. The question is, how far does this policy go? Under this project, if someone simply doesn’t agree with the safe place group, they are automatically dangerous; automatically discriminatory.

An examination of the flyer shows that it says “negative reactions tend to be rare.” However, the flyer urges that if a student does come into contact with someone who is negative about their safe place they need to “report it…via a Bias Reporting Team member.”

There is also a “bias reporting page,” where it is declared that if someone doesn’t agree with the safe space policy it can be considered “an act of bigotry, harassment, or intimidation,” that is centered on a person’s “actual or perceived aspect of diversity.”

This is full of trigger words that are used to target anyone who does not have a liberal–and even a progressive–mind set. More specifically, it targets conservatives. The mentality of “debating” and openly discussing disagreements has changed so drastically over the past couple of years that the very meaning of “debate” has been expunged from the collegiate lexicon.

Liberals no longer see conservatives as “wrong,” as people who can be debated on an equal plane. They see conservatives as forces of evil that must be stopped at all cost. There is no room for discussion when you think that you are fighting evil and not just confronting an opposing view.

The group takes it a step further by suggesting that standard pronouns are no longer necessary. They go on to say that we should all use “gender neutral” pronouns like “sie”, “zie”, and they.”

Well, the issue in this is clear. The first two words in that list literally don’t exist. They are not pronouns and are completely fabricated by groups of people in safe spaces who desperately need to feel special. It is ludicrous that it has come to this point, but the fact remains that freedom for conservative college students is on the line.

Freedom of speech is without a doubt the most important right that the American people have. Universities need to not only accept conservatives student, treating them fairly, they must make earnest efforts to protect them from the totalitarians of the ideological Left. As institutions of higher learning, it is their duty to education to do so.