BREAKING: Colbert Under Fire For Disgusting Kellyanne Conway Joke. This is War.

There never seems to be an end when it comes to liberal Hollywood comedians and their fixation on Trump. We live in a country that thankfully guarantees free speech, but sadly, freedom of speech does not guarantee all speech will be free of hypocrisy.

Stephen Colbert made that perfectly clear when he recently referred to Kellyanne Conway as “Satan’s trophy wife.” Such a comment would get any conservative chastised or fired for misogyny if made regarding a liberal woman, but instead, he garnered applause and delight from the comedian’s liberal audience. (via Breitbart)

“Last night, senior White House advisor and Satan’s trophy wife Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News and used a visual aid to drive home her point,” said Colbert on The Late Show. Colbert was referring to Conway’s interview where she used paper signs to help explain and defend the president against allegations involving his son’s supposed “collusion” with Russia.

Conservatives have long been accused of being “misogynistic” for advocating traditional family values, an emphasis on traditional marriage, and being pro-life. But when Colbert made the demeaning remark about Conway on public television, liberals and progressives seem to have turned their eyes away from the clearly sexist remark.

This isn’t the first time Colbert has made a shocking joke in bad taste. Last year he compared Donald Trump with the KKK, placing the Republican frontrunner’s image on a screen superimposed with a picture of a Klansmen burning a cross. Aside from the obvious historical inaccuracy – the KKK was founded by Democrats, not Republicans – the show was perceived as being in poor taste, and the comedian faced a drastic dip in ratings. (via Conservative Tribune)

In another case, Colbert was heavily criticized in May when he made a vile homosexual joke about Trump and Putin, which we will not reprint here. Suffice it to say, the gravity of the remark led to over 6,000 complaints to the FCC, and many called to have the comedian fired for crossing the line. (via Daily Caller)

Colbert doesn’t seem to realize the ridiculousness of his comments. How can he believe it is okay to call Conway “Satan’s trophy wife,” yet it’s somehow not okay when the president complimented the French first lady on her fitness, something Colbert recently turned into a joke on his show?

It’s ironic that Colbert is guilty of the same accusations he throws at conservatives — in this case, hypocrisy and misogyny. Whereas a normal person has a value system they try to stick with consistently, Colbert says whatever gets the best ratings and furthers his career.

Since beginning his anti-Trump coverage last year, he went from third in late-night ratings to enjoying top-ratings status.

But perhaps the worst thing about it is that these late-night liberal comedians are only further dividing this country by their comments. Catering to his already heavily influenced liberal-progressive audience, Colbert is only fanning the flames of anti-conservative sentiments.

Many liberal entertainers in Hollywood have a double-standard. One moment they’ll call for “civility,” and the next moment they’ll launch into a nasty tirade. Do you think they’re hypocrites? Let everyone know in the poll below!

With violence erupting out of hatred, such as the progressive-terrorist James Hodgkinson shooting at several Republican congressmen, seriously injuring one, or Democrat state Representative Scott Hamann essentially threatening to kill Trump — this anti-Trump “brainwashing” by the media and entertainment complex is only escalating the possibility of violence in the future.

It is imperative that liberals like Colbert move past their hatred for Trump and do not use their positions of influence to further divide an already divided country. The threat posed to this great experiment of a republic is too great.