Coast Guard Finds Odd House Floating At Sea, Days Later A Call Stuns Everyone

If there isn’t enough evidence to convince Americans to properly secure their private property, perhaps this story provides enough convincing.

In a fascinating situation that has gone viral across mainstream news outlets, a small house/boat was found off the Louisiana coast by the Coast Guard that was lost at sea. Originally, with nobody on board and no evidence to link it to its owner, it thought to be a derelict vessel. It turns out that it originated all the way in Key West, Florida before it came loose in a tropical storm, as reported by US News.

The house boat was first noticed by an airplane crew from the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center who went out to take a look and search for signs of distress. Having found no one home, the Guard issued an alert to other vessels in the region about the drifting house lost at sea.

The Guard issued a press release in which they asked if anyone had ever seen the shed before, in order to acquire clues about the whereabouts of the house. The media later picked up the story as it went viral.

The old house was reported by several people who stated they saw it in Key West, Florida, before it became unsecured and drifted away in a recent tropical storm. Thankfully no one was onboard.

Featuring a distinctive painting of a mermaid, sea turtle and octopus, this small shed-like structure floating above numerous blue 50-gallon drums was discovered 180 miles south of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Petty Officer Brandon Giles said that since no one had stepped forward as the owner, the Coast Guard had no intention of finding the old house’s original proprietor, nor were they going to tow the shack to shore–at least at this point.

However, after sufficient media attention, the owner finally came forward. In the stunning call, the owner verified that the shack had started off at the Parrot Key Hotel in Key West, Florida. Apparently, the owner hadn’t secured the house properly when a tropical storm hit that part of Florida. It would subsequently come loose and drift off into the ocean.

More than anything, it’s a miracle that the old mermaid-painted shack was even found in the first place, as it could have drifted aimlessly into the ocean, never to be found again.

The coast guard did not mention if they were still going to tow the house now that the owner was found, or even what he will do considering his house is now 200 miles away from where it first started.

If anything, the story serves to remind Americans of the importance of properly securing one’s private property, whether it be a shed, boat or anything else on the world’s waters. Owners must take responsibility beforehand to know when a storm is coming so they can take the proper measures to prevent cases like these.

That way, real news networks can use the space and time to cover more important issues facing our nation and the world.