BUSTED: CNN Calls Trump “Racist,” But There’s Just 1 Small Problem…

It is no secret that the left-wing news organizations love painting President Donald Trump as a racist. They even take it a step further and insinuate — or sometimes flat out state — anyone who supports the president is, by default, also a racist.

CNN is known as a popular organization that uses this tactic. They don’t tend to try to hide their agenda, however, they do try to hide their legal history. In light of all of their name calling, they seem to have forgotten that they are presently being sued for racial discrimination against 175 African American former and current employees, according to The Daily Wire.

Often, CNN tries to portray themselves as fighters of racism across the country. CNN’s Don Lemon overtly remarked that anyone who supports Trump is “complicit” in racism.

Following Lemon’s logic, if one works for a company that supports racism, they would then also be complicit. However, past and current employees are shedding light on how certain people within the organization are being discriminated against.

The lawsuit was filed in December of 2016 and was hardly reported on by anyone, despite the irony. The New York Post even said, “The lawsuit against CNN, meanwhile, claims the company’s Atlanta headquarters is rife with racism.”

Celeslie Henley and Ernest Colbert Jr. filed claims in the Atlanta federal court. Some of the claims they made were disturbing, to say the least.

Apparently, there were remarks going around about how “It’s hard to manage black people.” That seems like a strange remark coming from a company that often brags about how they embrace diversity.

Other claims say that there were questions brought up such as, “Who would be worth more: black slaves from times past, or new slaves?” Remember, these are not Trump supporters making these derogatory statements, this is CNN.

Despite all of these serious allegations, CNN seems to be acting like everything is business as usual. They continue to get on the air and attack the president, claiming he is a rabid racist.

The only problem is, their claims are not based on any facts. If you notice, they can never cite a single time that the president was being racist, though they try. They even take it as far as to inject race into the conversation themselves.

CNN is quick to accuse others of racism, but they are presently being sued for racial discrimination against 175 African American former and current employees. Is this the ultimate in hypocrisy?

In one recent example, CNN accused Trump’s anti-NFL tweets as being racist, though there was nothing inherently racist about anything he said. That didn’t stop CNN‘s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, from making the claim though. “Why is it that the president over the weekend is going after or seeming to go after African-American athletes?” Acosta said.

His inference came when he used the words “or seeming,” so that he sounded like he was objective. It seems, however, that what he really meant to say came out directly afterward. After mentioning Trump’s praise of NASCAR’s response, Acosta asked, “Is he trying to wage something of a culture war?”

CNN has not uttered a word about their lawsuit, but once the dust has settled, the truth about the news organization will be exposed.