UNREAL: Anti-Science CNN Shocked Over 7th Grade Biology

CNN has been peddling some shocking statements from their news channel already, including the propagation of vicious anti-Trump rumors such as the Trump-Russia collusion narrative with which we are all familiar.

Surprisingly enough, CNN has taken it one step further in their desire to pander to leftist/progressive audiences. In a recent tweet, CNN posted a message finding it noteworthy that “Transgender man, assigned the female gender at birth, gives birth to a healthy baby boy.” CNN appeared not to understand that biological women have babies, something that is totally normal.

As remarkable as childbirth is, there’s nothing particularly newsworthy about someone giving birth. When infused with a desire to placate the social justice crowd, something like giving birth can become a news story if necessary.

As we know, a transgender man is essentially someone who was a biological woman at birth, but takes hormones to alter themselves to be more masculine. Only a woman has the biological capacity to give birth to a child, no matter how you look at it. It’s simple, middle school biology.

But CNN didn’t want to push that angle in their story, instead opting to push the transgender narrative.  Their story included quotes such as this from the mother: “I’m OK with my body being a trans body. I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby.”

Rightfully so, CNN received a lot of comments for this story. Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire tweeted, “Woman gives birth to boy.”

Other tweets included comments such as, “Woman who thinks she is a man has baby and proves she is woman,” and another stating, “You guys are completely delusional, as only women can biologically give birth to children. She is a woman with a uterus.”

Being a Left-wing publication, CNN seems compelled to write some stories that cater to the progressive social justice audience. Unfortunately, doing so means throwing science and biology out the window in favor of ideology and feelings. There is no such thing as a man with a uterus.

CNN was shocked by basic middle grade biology. Is CNN fake news?

In fact, appealing to this social justice cause can come back to bite you, as one commenter criticized CNN for assuming that the gender of the baby was a boy. An ironic twist.

This isn’t the first time mainstream news outlets have been pushing stories of such a nature. Recently in Canada, parents have succeeded in fighting against the government to keep gender markers off their newborn child’s health card – a first in the entire world. Filing a human rights complaint against discrimination, the parents claimed that “this is about recognizing a structure, or a system, that is violating everyone,” and that “the binary gender system causes problems for everyone, including people that find ways to fit and conform in it. It is a disservice to all.”

Although this is taking place north of our borders, it heralds a potential future to come if we let our culture drift too far into the progressive landscape. Above all else, we must keep our common sense in a world that is increasingly losing theirs.