WATCH: CNN Producer MELTS DOWN, Goes On Horrifying Profanity-Laced Rant On Camera

CNN Associate Producer Jimmy Carr just unknowingly went on record to admit that CNN employees were all in the tank for Hillary and the horrible thing they believe about America.

In a completely unfiltered tirade, Carr expresses what he claims to be the majority opinion of CNN staffers about President Trump and the voters, saying that Trump is “a clown” and the voters are “stupid as sh*t”.

“We all recognize he is a clown,” Carr begins, “that he is hilariously unqualified for this, he’s really bad at this and that he does not have America’s best interests.”

But his rant doesn’t stop there. Among various phrases such as, “We recognize he’s just [expletive] crazy,” and “I guarantee you [Trump]’s paid for abortions,” essentially accusing Trump of not actually being a Republican.

When asked if it would be fair to question the American voter, Carr threw up his hands and said, “Oh no, they’re stupid as sh*t.”

CNN portrays itself as a trustworthy and unbiased news source, but it’s not difficult to notice the station’s seemingly left-wing agenda. Carr gives substance to the theory by placing most other staffers in the category of Trump-haters.

“90% of us are on board with just the fact that [Trump]’s crazy,” Carr spouted.

The theory is proven further when Carr’s show New Day interviewed a panel of Trump voters following the election. The full audio was leaked to news sources immediately after the discussion but was quickly snuffed out. What remained from the one-and-a-half hour video was eight minutes of video that appears to portray panelist William Baer as unintelligent and misinformed. Footage shows New Day interviewer, Alisyn Camerota, scrutinizing Baer’ss every sentence to make him appear to be lying. In fact, when he attempts to provide any type of evidence, Camerota redirects the questioning and appeared to be trying to make him slip up.

When watching the aired story, you will see that Baer has no answers when Camerota asks him for evidence of his claims, but shockingly, in the uncut footage that was leaked earlier, Baer is heard backing the fraudulent voter accusations with intelligent arguments.

“You use a provisional ballot and it’s never challenged. They just put it right through. This is common,” Baer stated in the leaked audio clip. He also asked whether anyone ever looked into what O’Keefe uncovered during his attempt to uncover voter fraud. Bu just as he is about to make these points in the aired version of the story, CNN cuts to another panelist to make it look like he had nothing to substantiate his opinions.

The entire interview has been clipped and censored, seemingly to show a liberal bias and that Trump’s allegations of voter fraud were completely falsified.

In fact, even the displayed titles during the interview seem to be placed there to make the viewer question the president’s claims. One segment is clearly labeled, “Trump Voters on His Unproven Voter Fraud Claims,” in big bold letters.

CNN, once thought to be a respected and reliable news source, has become questionable in their reporting ethics — not only editing video to skew the facts, but blatantly going on record profanely insulting American voters and President Trump.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker had no comments.