WATCH: CNN Contributor Hurls Racist Insult at Black Republican On Air

Christian News Alerts readers will know that CNN and other mainstream news outlets are hardly reliable sources of information these days. However, no one would have predicted that the news network would stoop so low as to slander an African-American Republican while on air!

Speaking about the Charlottesville violence, Democrat supporter Keith Boykin baited Republican commentator Paris Dennard, stating “I’m ashamed that you as an African-American, Paris, will not say [that President Trump has not done enough].” As Dennard began to respond, saying, “I don’t need you to try and pull my black card. I am well aware of my blackness and don’t need you to try and classify me as being one,” this response triggered the Boykin to interject, “Are you?” calling Dennard’s blackness into question.

Left-wing activists can’t seem to comprehend that minorities can lean conservative on issues, especially once they realize that the Left has a history of giving them empty promises in exchange for their votes. Allegations of being an “Uncle Tom” are spreading against African-Americans who support conservative causes–a truly racist expression.

It’s stunning to see this type of situation occur on public television from a mainstream news outlet. Despite the network earlier urging one of their commentators to apologize for telling a Trump-defending commentator to “shut up” on national television, there has been no pressure on Boykin to apologize for his racial remarks.

In response to Boykin’s shocking interjection, Dennard issued a warning. “Do not go there. I know what it means to be a black person in this country. I have experienced racism on a regular basis, by being a Trump supporter, and by being a proud American who happens to be a Republican.”

“I get racist comments about my family, about my mother, about my girlfriend, about my character every single day and mostly coming from black people,” Dennard said passionately. “I won’t calm down, I will not be attacked by you about my blackness because I happen to be a Republican.”

Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, faced similar criticisms for being a Republican and supporting conservative issues. Being black and conservative seem to be incompatible in the minds of those on the Left.

Boykin made other remarks attacking Trump during the segment as well, according to The Blaze. “He has a history of racism and he has failed to repudiate this…but the reality is that President Trump has not done enough. And I’m ashamed that you as an African-American, Paris, will not say that.”

On a live CNN broadcast, one black commentator called another black commentator’s “blackness” into question. Should this national news outlet tone down the racial rhetoric?

The exchange escalated even further, with Boykin telling Dennard to “shut up,” and the latter responding to defend his right to speak on air without his rude comments. This series of rebuttals isn’t something that should be expected nor tolerated from a mainstream news outlet.

Trump did the right thing by calling for the violence to end on both sides of the spectrum, a sentiment that is applauded by many other African Americans including Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr.

Saying that this scene was a breakdown in professionalism would be quite the understatement. This display shows the sheer bias and unreliability of this once highly-regarded news network.