BREAKING: CNN Busted Secretly Helping Antifa

With Antifa’s violent presence in Berkeley, Portland, and events in other cities, it’s assumed the media would take every effort to condemn the group’s actions. Considering the risk posed to the general public in those cities, it should be the media’s concern.

Yet much of liberal media seems hesitant to target the Alt-Left organization and some have even catered to it, according to The Daily Caller. It’s been revealed that CNN changed the title of one of their articles because it portrayed Antifa in a bad light and the organization’s members didn’t like it.

The article was originally titled, “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence” and provided a great analysis and review of this violent organization. Yet the producers at CNN, for whatever reason erased “Activists seek peace through violence” because Antifa members took offense to it.

In the article is a footnote that explains the change. “Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify that counter-protesters say they are not to blame for the violence at the Charlottesville protest. The story’s headline has also been updated”.

While violence perpetrated by Antifa at Charlottesville is somewhat debatable, their violence in numerous videos at other events is not, which makes the change odd. The CNN article demonstrates clearly that the organization is utilizing violence to initiate change by attacking law enforcement and alt-right protestors, starting fires, and vandalizing businesses.

One member, Scott Crow, who has been a member for 30 years says violence is par for the course with Antifa members. “I fought Nazis. I’ve had death threats. I’ve had guns drawn on me. I’ve drawn guns on fascists. I’ve been in altercations. I’ve smoke-bombed places. I’ve done a myriad of things to try and stop fascism and its flow over the years.”

Another member justifies the damage to public property and violence against the Alt-Right. “Violence against windows – There’s no such thing as violence against windows. Windows don’t have – they’re not persons. And even when they are persons, the people we fight back against, they are evil. They are the living embodiment, they are the second coming of Hitler.”

While a news organization changing a story title to be less critical of the organization is hardly showing support, it does show media’s hesitancy to criticize Antifa. Others, however, have wholeheartedly shown support for Antifa, despite their terrorist activities.

One article by The Daily Californian following the Berkeley riots actually thanked Antifa protesters for their efforts. The article defended the organization, saying the presence of neo-Nazis and “violent rhetoric” justified Antifa’s violent protest. The bizarre logic of the article concluded that Antifa’s violent rioting showed support to marginalized communities and denied the Alt-Right’s “ability to deliberately spread hate.”

Though racism and bigotry should be rejected in all its forms, resorting to violence to silence opposing viewpoints is not acceptable. Freedom of speech is available to all, regardless of their beliefs, and no group should deny another that constitutional right.

The mainstream media has been overtly aiding the ideological Left in the United States for decades. Is CNN’s support of Antifa dangerous to our country?

Furthermore, Antifa’s violent demonstrations at Berkeley should not be justified or embraced. Smashing business windows, attacking police officers, harming Trump supporters and throwing Molotov cocktails, as reported by Breitbart, does not benefit anyone and certainly does not protect communities.

Regardless of political opinions or beliefs, Antifa has proven themselves to be an anarchist organization that utilizes terrorism and violence to achieve its goals. These are not heroes of the Left and should not be idolized, supported, or catered to in any way–especially not by the media.