HORROR: CNN Attacks Top Republican’s Wife

It is hard to deny that there is a clear bias at CNN. Even most leftists are willing to admit that the bias is evident. But what happens when their bias goes too far?

CNN is back to their old tricks of targeting people who do not agree with their views. This time, they are after an Alabama US Senate candidate, Judge Roy Moore, and his wife, Kayla. About 15 years ago Moore started an organization called The Foundation for Moral Law, according to Breitbart. On the organization’s Facebook page, a video was shared that suggested former President Barack Obama may be a “closet Muslim.” CNN was relentless in questions probing both Moore and his wife regarding the video.

During an interview on CNN, the previously mentioned video was thrown in Moore’s face. When asked about the video, he gave a logical answer that could not be twisted and misconstrued.

Moore plainly stated that he “had not worked at the foundation for years, but said that the video did not reflect his personal views.” It was at this point that CNN tried to take their cheap shot.

They asked Moore if the video “reflected his wife’s views.” Moore’s wife was not there to defend herself at the time of the interview. Aside from the fact that his wife is not even running for any type of political office, the question was inappropriate and goading.

Moore managed to keep his cool and respond to the question accordingly. He said that he cannot speak for others, which can be roughly translated to, back off, this has nothing to do with me or my campaign.

Instead of dropping the question right there, CNN kept pushing. They asked him if his wife, Kayla, would be interested in responding to the comments on the Facebook page from over two years ago. The network’s desperation to involve Moore’s wife appears to serve no other purpose than to call attention to her for the vicious attackers on the Left.

Moore, who rightfully so, was quite frustrated at this point, called everything they were trying to do to him on the air “ridiculous.” He then directed CNN to go and talk to his campaign chair.

Politics have always had a golden rule. If a spouse of someone in politics is not directly involved in campaigning, or politics themselves, then there is no reason to bring them up in conversation unless one is blatantly trying to be rude.

It is quite ironic that CNN would partake in this kind of behavior, considering their approach to then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband and former President Bill Clinton.

At one point last year, Bill Clinton was merely mentioned by someone who was discussing Hillary Clinton and her campaign. CNN was so upset by the fact that someone would even mention Bill Clinton, that the person being interviewed was cut off — microphone and all.

CNN is trying to have its cake and eat it too. To them, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask political ideological opponents probing questions about their spouses in an effort to demoralize them. But if anyone brings up a liberal’s spouse, CNN will cut them off the air. It’s hypocrisy at its finest.