ALERT: CNN Launches Nasty Attack On MLK Family

With great success, the Democrat Party has branded itself over the last 50 years as the party of African Americans, sweeping aside a long history of racism and slavery. One of the Democrats’ greatest tactics for bringing blacks into the fold is to ostracize those with conservative perspectives–labeling them “traitors” or “tokens.”

As seen at American Lookout, the latest target of such attacks is Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. CNN contributor Keith Boykin slammed King as a “token right-wing black woman” after she spoke at Trump’s Phoenix, Arizona rally last week.

King has been a vocal supporter of the President. As The Washington Times reports, King recently praised Trump for his pro-life position, calling him a “brilliant” and “compassionate” man. “He’s leading the charge,” King said. “And we are supporting him.”

Following the violent confrontation between white supremacists and Alt-Left Antifa in Charlottesville, Virginia–an event that left three dead–King reasserted her support for Trump, despite the mainstream media criticizing the President’s argument that “both” sides were responsible.

“We’ve got to stop the violence,” King told Fox News. “The president is right about that.” However, King’s support for Trump has brought her criticism from blacks on the left, who view her conservative politics as heterodox.

After Trump’s Phoenix rally, CNN’s Keith Boykin had scathing words for both King and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, who also spoke. Boykin wrote on Twitter: “So Trump brought out Ben Carson, token right-wing black woman Alveda King, and the crazy ‘Blacks for Trump’ cult guy to Arizona.”


It appears that if President Trump features no black speakers at his rallies, he is accused of racial discrimination. But if he invites black speakers, they are labeled “token.”

As Essence notes, there are many well-known figures in the black community who have publicly proclaimed their support of Donald Trump. Among them are former heavyweight champion Boxer Mike Tyson, former NBA star Dennis Rodman, and famed pastor Mark Burns.

But the Left is quick to minimize the support of these prominent black Americans, eager to maintain their narrative of Trump as a “whites-only” political figure. Their strategy has been to attack Trump for supposedly not working with the black community. When he is seen working with black community, the Left immediately criticizes those individuals’ involvement with Trump in order to discourage further outreach and thus perpetuate a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Shortly after the election, Trump invited a number of prominent figures to Trump Tower to discuss improving the life of the black community. Among those who visited the then President-elect were entertainment personality Steve Harvey, and singer-rapper Kanye West.

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., was called a “token right-wing black woman” by CNN contributor Keith Boykin. Does the media unfairly target Black Trump supporters?

As covered by Fox News, Harvey received harsh backlash over the meeting, which he says “hurt” him. Nevertheless, as TMZ reports, Harvey has stated that Trump is keeping the promises he made with respect to Housing and Urban Development, which is headed by Secretary Ben Carson.

Although there are many blacks who espouse conservative views, the media continues to treat them as anomalies and “tokens.” The Left’s goal is to shame blacks into remaining with the Democrat Party. It’s an aim that flies in the face of a country where people are supposed to be judged by their character–not their race.