WATCH: Clinton White House Video Resurfaces, Liberal Media HUMILIATED

The liberal media has been relentless in its criticism of President Trump, including his recent decision to turn off the cameras for most of the press briefings.

However, their hypocrisy has been exposed with a recent video resurfacing in which the Clinton Administration also changed to the same ‘no camera’ rule. (via The Washington Examiner)

Liberal outlets seem to have forgotten this moment in history, calling Trump’s gradual elimination of on-camera press briefings to be threats to our democracy and free speech, and a and a reluctance to be transparent.

How shocking is it to find out that the Clinton Administration did the exact same thing, and yet there was hardly even a peep criticizing them.

The White House press secretary at the time, Dee Dee Myers, explained in a C-SPAN interview that they felt the live briefings were not necessary anymore. She states, “I think that that was something that we did in their first week or two, I can’t remember exactly when we stopped it.”

She continues, saying, “I think we found that it wasn’t really necessary. The briefing is more an opportunity to exchange ideas and to have a conversation about what’s happening, that wasn’t really happening in a way that… as productively as we had hoped.”

Sean Spicer, Trump’s currently press secretary, echoed similar sentiments in justifying this change in the format of their press briefings, stating that he felt live briefings are not as productive — partially because it is giving reporters a chance to become “Youtube stars,” as he would say.

Isn’t it fascinating how the media was okay with Clinton’s no-camera rule, but when the Trump Administration chooses to do it for quite similar reasons, it’s the “end of democracy” and “freedom of the press”?

This pattern of hypocrisy is something that we have seen many times before. Whenever a Democratic administration does something, it seems perfectly okay, but if a Republican administration does the same exact thing, then it’s a horrendous scandal.

The liberal media has constantly hammered Trump on his use of executive orders, yet not a single one of those very same sources criticized Obama for the use of his. In fact, Obama has a higher use of executive orders than Trump. (via Quartz Media)

Jim Acosta of CNN, a reporter that has frequently been called out by Trump personally in press briefings as being ‘fake news,’ called for collective action against the press office. He stated, “I do think at some point some collective action will ave to be taken and I do think we are going to have to ask this hard question inside the White House Correspondents Association whether we are going to allow this to become the new normal …”

This is just odd, because it’s a sentiment that he nor his organization ever seemed to express about the Clinton Administration 20 years ago.

This exposure of their blatant hypocrisy will most likely change nothing about their behavior. However, one can hope that as their credibility continues to be eroded with findings such as these, people will come to recognize that our mainstream media is pushing an agenda.