ALERT: Clinton Staffer Drops Trump Bombshell

If the 2016 election taught us anything, it’s that the mainstream media’s polling is far from accurate. It’s about time someone challenged it.

Former Clinton Staffer Dick Morris commissioned an independent poll on President Trump’s popularity, and found that it is much higher than the media has been reporting, at 48 percent, as per Breitbart.

“It’s like coming in from an alternative reality to read this poll after all the media polls saying Trump is very unpopular, Obamacare is making a comeback, and that voters are worried about Russian meddling,” Morris told Breitbart.

His poll was conducted by John McLaughlin and Associates. They surveyed 1,000 likely voters this August, and found that 48 percent approve of the president’s performance.

Media outlets have been reporting far lower approval ratings, at roughly 37 percent to 42 percent.

The survey also revealed that Americans are not concerned about the Russian scandal, but are much more worried about the leakers in our federal government. While 71 percent support an investigation into those leaks (conducted a by a special prosecutor), only 35 percent feel Trump was involved with Russians during the election.

The breakdown of American’s opinions on Russian interference is even more revealing. 25 percent of those surveyed believe Russia did interfere with the election, but that President Trump was not involved with it. A further 21 percent felt that Russia did not interfere with the election at all.

It turns out that the leftist Russian scandal is just not catching on as well as they wanted it to. Morris even suggested that most voters are, “getting fed up with the leaks in the investigation of Russian meddling.”

The margin of error for the survey is 3.1 percent. Its results are even more concrete when you realize that, of those surveyed, only 45 percent voted for President Trump. This means that even some people who did not vote for Trump approve of his performance as President.

These could be Independents or Democrats. The people who completed the survey were 31 percent Independent, 36 percent Democrat, and 33 percent Republican.

Dick Morris has long been involved in challenging the Clinton machine, so it’s no wonder he has turned his eye to disproving the mainstream media’s narrative. His latest book is called Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War Against Donald Trump.  

Morris explained that his poll is more accurate because it focuses on people who actually voted, instead of randomly sampling voters and nonvoters, as the media does.

A Dick Morris independent poll shows Trump’s popularity at 48 percent. Do you approve of Trump’s performance in office?

With such a large illegal immigrant population in this country, it is important to select for those who can and should actually vote, to get a sense of what our true population thinks and wants.

Plenty of illegal immigrants do vote, of course, but not all do, so limiting the poll to likely voters is just one small step we can take against the confusion illegal immigrants throw into less strict polling.

The differences between this poll and the media’s’ polls reveals that anti-Trump bias is still strong in our media.

In reality, Americans are supportive of Trump, and far more concerned about the leaks than about so-called Russian interference.