BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Busted

When most people think of criminal corruption, they often think of seedy criminals in the underbelly of the major cities.

The Clinton Foundation is the perfect example of an organization that puts up an excellent front. Most Democrats will happily throw their money at failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “charity.” Tax documents from 2014 reveal a startling trend, however. The foundation received 177 million dollars in contributions, yet only donated 5 million dollars to actual charities, according to 

The numbers are almost unbelievable when you look at the documents for yourself.  As you leaf through the 65 pages of tax return material, you can’t help but wonder how the Foundation’s behavior didn’t land one of the Clintons directly in prison. 

Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation spent about $86 million of the $177 million they received on “expenses.” It is not clear what these expenses were, as they were filed as charitable givings in the official documents.

The 5 million donated, when compared to the 177 million received, means that Hillary and company spent a paltry two percent of their donations on charities — that’s out of all moneys received.

If a special investigation is to ensue, why don’t we have one that looks into where all of this dirty Clinton money went. Surely, expenses cannot be so high that the Clintons couldn’t afford five percent — not that it’d be much better.

According to the documents, the “organization’s mission or most significant activities” include goals such as the desire to “improve global health & wellness, increase opportunity for women/girls, reduce childhood obesity, create economic OPP & growth and help communities address effects of climate change.”

Things get stranger when you look at line five of the tax document. It says that there were 486 people employed by the Clinton Foundation who were paid a total of $34.8 million dollars.

Then, there is a listing of $86.1 million in fees and expenses. The final result is $5.1 million for the charities. Did it really take 486 people seven times the amount of money donated just to donate five million dollars?

The Clinton foundation received 177 million dollars in contributions, yet only donated 5 million dollars to actual charities. Is this criminal?

We all know the real answer to this question. It has been obvious for years that the Clintons have been operating a “pay-to-play” scheme that lends out political influence to those who have the money to pay for “protection,” and they do it mafia-style.

An open investigation into the donors, the money received, and of course, the Clintons, needs to be activated as soon as possible. If you haven’t noticed, all talk of the  Clinton Foundation ceased after Hillary bombed in the 2016 election.

The Clinton family and their “foundation,” appears to be a hotbed of criminal activity. How long before they fire up the business again and take millions from Democrats that essentially go towards the Clinton-war machine?