Clint Eastwood Reveals Final Chapter of His Iconic Career, And We Have the Plot Details – Report

Is this how legendary Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood will actually, finally walk off into the sunset?

According to a report from entertainment site DiscussingFilm, Eastwood’s plans for directing his 40th and, supposedly, final film of his illustrious career have been revealed and paint a fascinating backdrop for what could be a momentous swan song.

The 92-year-old actor and director has had the kind of career most actors would do unspeakable things for, ranging from iconic classics, such as “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and “Dirty Harry,” all the way to more contemporary hits like “Million-Dollar Baby” and “Gran Torino.”

Those four films obviously represent just a fraction of the work Eastwood has done throughout his career, which began in the 1950s (Eastwood’s first credited role, per IMDB, was “Jonesy” from the 1955 film “Francis in the Navy“)

But that near-seven-decade career in the film industry appears to, understandably, be winding down.

According to the DiscussingFilm report, Eastwood’s potential final movie will be produced by Warner Bros. Studios, which has been the case since Eastwood’s gritty drama “Gran Torino” was released in 2008.

Warner Bros. has overseen some of Eastwood’s most iconic directorial feature films, such as the exhilarating war drama “American Sniper” and the dramatized biopic “Sully.”

As for the plot beats of this mysterious (final?) film of Eastwood’s, DiscussingFilm’s report had some juicy tidbits there,too.


Currently being written with a working title of “Juror #2,” Eastwood’s next film reportedly focuses on a juror in a  murder trial.

The twist comes from the fact that the juror apparently realizes that he may have actually been indirectly responsible for the murder.

The juror must then decide whether he is going to try and save his own hide by manipulating the inner workings of the jury deliberations, or if he is going do the right thing and turn himself in.

It all sounds like a fascinating examination of the human psyche, and there’s no doubt that Eastwood will be able to maximize the tension in an already tense plot synopsis.

Now, DiscussingFilm did note that while many are “internally” considering “Juror #2” to be Eastwood’s swan song as a director (he will be 93 at the end of May), there is always the “small chance” that Eastwood would work on a new project after the juror movie.

That being said, the report did reiterate that Eastwood’s “current plan” is to be completely retired after this movie.

There has been no date locked in for the film yet, nor have any casting decisions been made yet.

Perhaps lending credence to this being it for Eastwood are the growing number of reports (some from just last week) questioning the filmmaker’s general health and lack of public appearances lately.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.