WATCH: Sheriff Clarke Reveals TRUTH About Trump That Keeps Liberals Up At Night

The liberal media establishment is attempting to shield the American people from President Trump. They’re terrified that voters may hear President Trump in his own words, and become supporters of the pro-American president.

David Clarke, who recently stepped down as Milwaukee County Sheriff, took to Twitter to expose the fictitious mainstream media narrative accusing President Trump of racism and bigotry. “The Left’s BIGGEST fear is that @realDonaldTrump resonates with black folks. His concern for ALL AMERICANS transcends race, creed, origin,” Clarke wrote. Attached to the tweet was a picture of President Trump comforting a young black girl, who was taking shelter from Hurricane Harvey in a relief center.

Clarke, in his tweet, insinuates that these Democrat talking points, as well as the mainstream media’s accusations, are a desperate attempt to portray President Trump as racist, thus preventing Americans of color from ever truly knowing the real Donald Trump.

Since throwing his hat into the presidential race, Donald Trump has been dogged by accusations of racism. Democrats and the mainstream media cite his involvement in the “birther” controversy, wherein Trump accused former President Obama of lying about his origin of birth. Other examples of President Trump’s alleged racism are his suggestion that a large number of illegal immigrants are violent criminals, and his support of a temporary travel ban, which blocked immigration from a handful of Muslim-majority nations.

These comments represent President Trump’s intense commitment to putting Americans first, and they do not display any actual racism. People of any race can be Muslim or Latino, and singling out these groups does not make President Trump racist.

His entire presidential campaign was built around the promise of putting America first, so it is unsurprising that he might be viewed as “disparaging” towards foreigners who are dangerous cartel members and terrorist sympathizers.

Clarke highlights this fact in his tweet. President Trump’s “concern for ALL AMERICANS transcends race, creed, origin,” wrote the Sheriff. The victims of President Trump’s scorn all have one thing in common: they are not American.

According to Clarke, this America-first attitude is resonating strongly with black Americans. Watching any coverage of President Trump’s visit to the victims of Hurricane Harvey proves this, as black supporters continually lined up to take selfies with the supposedly racist Commander-in-Chief.

Sheriff David Clarke has been a staunch supporter of President Trump’s throughout. Do you believe that Clarke stepped down from his position to take a position in the Trump administration?

Clarke is, himself, a black supporter of President Trump. After his recent resignation, many assume that the popular Sheriff will be joining the Trump administration. “After almost forty years serving the great people of Milwaukee County, I have chosen to retire to pursue other opportunities,” Clarke wrote in his retirement letter to the County Clerk. “I will have news about my next steps in the very near future,” according to NBC News.

Rumors circulated earlier this year that David Clarke would be joining the Department of Homeland Security. However, in June, the Sheriff rescinded his name for consideration. If Clarke does join the Trump administration, he may very well serve as White House staff, as it would be difficult to usher the controversial Sheriff through a Senate confirmation hearing.