Major City Announces Bid For “Obama Boulevard” – What’s Your Response?

A street in California could soon undergo a major name change.

On June 21, it was announced that the L.A. city council wants to rename one of their streets to “Obama Boulevard.” The move is to remember the location the former president first launched his campaign in 2008. (via Los Angeles Daily News)

The road to be renamed is Rodeo Road — a 3.4 mile segment that rests near a series of streets named after the Founding Fathers called “presidents row”. It is City Council President Herb Wesson’s hope that liberal Obama can find his name nestled among the conservative founding fathers.

Obama was something of a celebrity to those in L.A. when he first started his campaign in 2008. He held his very first rally in Rancho Cienega Park located on Rodeo Road. There, Obama gave one of his earliest presidential campaign speeches. His presidential speeches in the area are well known to residents for causing massive traffic buildups known as “Obamajams”.

In a statement announcing the name change, Herb Wesson said, “Nine years ago I had the honor of introducing then Senator Obama at his first campaign rally held at Rancho Cienega Park on Rodeo Road. Our Council district is home to Washington boulevard, Adams, boulevard, and Jefferson boulevard, and today we begin the process of also making it home to Obama boulevard.”

The vote for the name change was unanimous in the council meeting with a 14-0 vote. Plans have already gone out for city engineers to start replacing the street signs. As an afterthought, Wesson decided to send out a petition to see if people actually want the street named after the former president.

Some believe that the name change is a type of PR stunt for the city to bring in tourism. Perhaps they want conservatives to oppose the change and bring in publicity, or it could be they want liberals to come from all over to visit “Obama Boulevard” as a type of political pilgrimage. Maybe they’re hoping the president will come back to visit the area and drive up tourism for a while.

It seems, however, that Wesson has none of this in mind and is simply a huge Obama fan, as evidenced by a calendar he made out of the photos taken at the rally. When asked about the reason for the name change he says, “It was history [2008 rally]. And who knows how people report history, but when they talk about his first official campaign stop in California, it’s going to be in an area that’s off a street that we named after him. That will live on longer, after me and him.”

It’s interesting that Wesson seemingly infers that history will remember Obama differently than it does now. While many liberals tout the former president as a champion for the people, his time in office has done very little to show this. With the failure of Obamacare and a number of his other policies and agendas going up in smoke because of Trump’s efforts to free Americans from the Democratic agenda, it seems this little street in L.A. might be the only thing left of Obama after his eight years in office.