WARNING: Former CIA Director Announces Plan To End Trump’s Presidency

It’s one thing for the president to have to deal with factions outside the government that want him removed from office, but it’s another to have to deal with threats inside the government that are trying to undermine his presidency. A former CIA director and Obama ally is letting Trump know that many within the intelligence community are not loyal to him.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum, former CIA Director John Brennan said that executive officials should refuse to fire Mueller if told to by Trump, saying, “I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future.” (via CNN)

In his interview, John Brennan appeared with James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence. Both men served under the Obama administration and said they had total confidence in special counsel Robert Mueller, whose mission is to investigate the alleged Russian interference in the election.

Trump’s dissatisfaction with Mueller comes, among other things, from the targeting of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager. Despite lacking any hard evidence, Mueller has taken on a tactic of targeting Trump’s former staff, attempting to find anything he can charge Manafort with in order to get him to turn against Trump.

Of course, Brennan voiced his support for the special counsel, saying that Mueller “was an inspired choice – they don’t come any better. If Mueller is fired, I hope our elected reps will stand up and say enough is enough.” (via CNN)

Brennan, a close confidant of President Obama, was one of the key individuals who pushed the FBI to begin investigating Trump last summer. He told the House Intelligence Committee on May 23rd that he “was aware of intelligence and information about contacts between Russian officials and U.S. persons that raised concerns in my mind about whether or not those individuals were cooperating with the Russians…and it served as the basis for the FBI investigation to determine whether such collusion occurred.” (via Washington Times)

Brennan seems to believe that Trump is guilty even though a verdict hasn’t been reached. Do you think the investigation is fair?

Yet, eleven months later there is still no confirmation of any collusion, with even California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, saying she has seen no evidence of collusion.

What further prompted the FBI under Brennan to investigate Trump was the circulation of the now infamous “dossier,” a 35-page document that ended up being nothing more than a concoction of unverified rumors created by ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele who was hired by the Democratic anti-Trump research group Fusion GPS. Interestingly enough, the co-founder of Fusion GPS has pleaded the fifth in response to a subpoena they received from lawmakers.

As former top Obama intelligence officials continue to pull strings in Washington and work against the interests of this presidency and of the American people at large, Trump will need to be more careful than ever.