Nearly 100 Christian Leaders Just Went to Washington, D.C. – Look Who They Met

Those who have been following our stories at Christian News Alerts know that President Trump’s administration features one of the most evangelical and Christian-friendly cabinets in a very long time.

Last week, nearly 100 Christian leaders went to the White House and met with White House officials, as covered by The Christian Post. This is proof that we finally have a president who cares about Christians, instead of one who tries to persecute and punish them like Obama did.

Trump’s White House expanded its commitment to engage with faith leaders by holding three different sessions last week where officials listened to the concerns of nearly 100 different Christian leaders and activists from across the country. The administration has even contacted leaders who have not yet had a chance to voice their opinions and concerns. These events are a way for Trump to learn from and share insights with spiritual leaders from across the nation.

Johnnie Moore, a prominent evangelical figure who also serves as an informal spiritual adviser to the administration said, “The White House has continued to have listening sessions with evangelical leaders and they had three more this week. Each listening session was about two hours and involved briefings from administration officials and an opportunity for folks to express their thoughts on various issues. The White House is interested in hearing from a large group of leaders.”

This isn’t the first time the White House has shown interest in spiritual matters. Christian News Alerts recently reported that members of the Trump administration have started attending weekly studies of scripture. The weekly Bible study features high-ranking members of the Cabinet coming together. The group includes Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Vice President Mike Pence, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, among others. With even the president getting a copy of the weekly teachings, some have called this the most Christian Cabinet in history.

A few weeks ago when evangelicals visited the White House, the president invited them to stop by the Oval Office to say hello. It was an entirely unplanned meeting, which culminated in the group laying hands on the president and praying over him.

During the Obama years, Christian leaders were met with a closed door at the White House. That door has been opened under President Trump. Do you think the Trump administration embraces the Christian community?

According to the Christian Post, Robert Jeffress, pastor of the Dallas-based First Baptist Church, stated, “There’s been no American president in history who has reached out to evangelicals to the extent that President Trump has done. People would be surprised at how many believers there are in the Trump administration. Very dedicated Christians.”

As expected, the liberal media has been critical of this development, something that should be a reassuring display of moral character. Mainstream outlets are clamoring that this violates the notion of the separation of church and state. Of course, they will never bring up the fact that this country was founded upon the bedrock of Christianity, and that it was one of the many inspirations behind the Constitution.

Christians across America can rest assured that Donald Trump has our interests at heart.