WATCH: Christian Speaker Drops Epic Truth Bomb On Clueless “Snowflake” Student

Brigitte Gabriel is a fiery Christian who was invited to speak at a college on a panel about Benghazi. A law student stepped up to to the microphone and asked the panel why “radical Muslims” seem to represent Islam as a whole.

Gabriel gave the perfect answer to this student’s question. She said that radical Muslims do not represent Islam as a whole, but just because they are a minority when compared to Muslims who assimilate doesn’t mean we should pretend they don’t exist. To illustrate her point, Gabriel said that radical Muslims make up 25 percent of the Islamic population, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you consider that we are talking about 180-300 million people who want to destroy Western civilization. 

She went on to explain that radical Muslims need to be acknowledged because they are the ones who kill and behead. If we pretend they don’t exist, that their numbers don’t exist, they could devastate us and the peaceful Muslims who live here and in other parts of the world.

From this point, Gabriel went on to pull out several powerful examples of “radical” elements in different countries throughout history.

In one such example, she talked about how most Germans were peaceful. She said that despite this fact, the Nazis caused havoc during WWII and six million Jews died as a result.

Gabriel’s message was an important one for this student and for all Americans. There are too many people stuck in the left-wing state of mind who can’t see outside the box. Free speech is crucial so these issues can be talked about and resolved.

Free speech allows us to communicate ideas to one another, regardless of how unpopular they might be for a particular group of people. It was important for this Muslim student to hear the truth so that she could understand that radical Muslims are not “in the spotlight.”

Everyone understands that there are far more peaceful Muslims in our country than radicalized ones. But knowing why we all need to stand against the violent acts of the few is a crucial lesson Gabriel made clear.

Political correctness needs to be targeted and removed from discussions, both academic and otherwise. New thoughts add to the collective pool of debate topics, such as what to do about the problem of radicalized Muslims. When you cut off ideas and strangle other people’s thoughts, it causes a trickle down effect.

Before you realize it, people end up consumed by a “radical” pigeonholed mindset because no other ideas are allowed into the mix. It can be a perilous proposition, especially when the people in the area are already spread thin, restricted, and stressed.

Some of the most egregious attacks on our First Amendment right to free speech are occurring on college campuses. Do you believe college administrations should be held accountable for this assault on our freedom?

Many of the Muslims in our country right now love our traditions and respect our laws; it is a beautiful sight to behold. Our laws helped form us into the greatest nation in the world. We have the Constitution to guide us on a societal level, and our Bible to guide us morally.

Gabriel was able to show why freedom of speech is so important, especially when opposing views are being explained. Hopefully, the law student learned a valuable lesson about why we need to pay attention to the people who are entering and leaving our country.