Chris Pratt’s New Series Is Hugely Pro-America – Critics Hate It, But It’s Crushing All of Amazon’s Other Shows

“The Terminal List,” an Amazon Prime Video series starring and produced by Christian actor Chris Pratt, is the second-most watched streaming show in the United States.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, audiences have eaten up the series, which follows a PTSD-stricken Navy SEAL attempting to uncover a vast government conspiracy.

Some critics have attempted to frame “The Terminal List” as right-wing propaganda, with an article from the left-wing Daily Beast going so far as to call it “an Unhinged Right-Wing Revenge Fantasy.”

Nevertheless, viewers love it — it has “universal acclaim” with an 8.7 Metacritic user score — and the official Nielsen ratings prove it to be a massive success.

For the week of July 4-10, “The Terminal List” ranked second in terms of minutes streamed in the United States.

The series was viewed for a total of 1.56 billion minutes, according to Nielsen — behind only Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” a show that has also been praised by some conservatives.

The critic-review aggregate score for “The Terminal List” on Rotten Tomatoes stands at a mere 40 percent.

It appears that this has had no effect on audience enjoyment, however. Rotten Tomatoes’ aggregate audience score for the series stands at an outstanding 94 percent.

Both Pratt and Jack Carr, the author of the novel on which “The Terminal List” is based, have made it clear: The show wasn’t made for reviewers.

“We didn’t make THE TERMINAL LIST for critics,” Carr tweeted on Aug. 7. “We made it for those in the arena.”

Pratt responded to negative reviews via his Instagram story, Fox News reported.

First, the actor shared a report of the show’s success that said it “defies woke critics.”

He followed that up with a meme of Doctor Evil from the “Austin Powers” series of films, noting in jest that, despite these reviews, the show had racked up roughly 1.6 billion minutes viewed.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.