ALERT: China Makes Horrific Move Against America

When you look at China’s recent behavior, it appears that they are not interested in preventing a military solution to the North Korea problem.

Newsmax recently reported that, while China has cut back on purchasing goods from North Korea, they have increased the amount of products they are selling to Pyongyang. This means that the Kim regime is still receiving the resources they need to continue developing their nuclear program.

While China did not veto the recent round of sanctions imposed by the United Nations on the North Korean regime, it appears they are working to offset some of the impact of the sanctions. The New York Times indicates that the continued flow of Chinese goods into North Korea could be the reason why economic sanctions have not had much of an effect on Pyongyang — they are still getting enough resources to keep their citizens satisfied.

The sanctions imposed by the United States and the United Nations are designed to put a stop to North Korea’s nuclear program without resorting to military action. The hope is that if North Korea does not have the resources it needs to continue on its path to obtain nuclear capability, they will be forced to cease its efforts.

China is essentially helping the North Korean regime move forward with their nuclear program and their recklessness in this regard could result in an extremely dangerous situation. The closer Pyongyang gets to going nuclear, the more likely it will be that the United States will take military action. War with North Korea would be devastating to all nations involved.

If the United States were to launch an attack on Pyongyang, they would immediately respond with a strike on South Korea. Right now, the DPRK has missiles pointed directly at Seoul.

If they launched a missile strike on Seoul, they would cause a significant number of casualties — which would include the U.S. troops we have stationed in the region. This is one of the main reasons we have not already invaded North Korea.

Additionally, if the United States invades North Korea, it would result in even more U.S. casualties. While it is clear that we would be victorious, North Korea has the 5th largest army in the world. Victory could come at a tremendous cost.

Let’s not forget about China — who relies on North Korea to provide a strategic buffer zone that would serve as a barrier to an invading army. It is in China’s best interest that they maintain control over the region, which is why they have allied with the Kim regime.

So what would they do if we invaded? Nobody knows for sure, but a war with Pyongyang could also result in a war with China. Needless to say, this could turn into a much bigger conflict than we might have imagined.

A prolonged war with China could potentially bring other nations into the fight. It is not unrealistic to believe that this could turn into another world war.

There are no easy solutions to the situation in North Korea. China seems to be the only hope for a peaceful resolution — but they do not appear to be interested in staving off an international disaster. Hopefully, the Trump administration can apply enough pressure to China’s government to get them to prevent a war.