BREAKING: Chelsea Manning Just Got Bad News

If you need any more proof that America’s colleges are bastions of anti-American opinion, then look no further than the fact that Harvard almost made a convicted spy a visiting fellow.

After it was announced that Harvard was planning on making Chelsea Manning a visiting fellow, Harvard Dean Douglas W. Elmendorf had to quickly throw water onto the public fire by revoking the offer, according to the Daily Caller

Dean Elmendorf told the media that Harvard “did not intend to honor her in any way or to endorse any of her words or deeds, as we do not honor or endorse any Fellow.”

The college’s dean further added: “I now think that designating Chelsea Manning as a Visiting Fellow was a mistake.”

This withdrawal comes after the public outcry over Manning’s nomination. Not too many people seemed pleased with the liberal stronghold’s decision.

Back when Chelsea was Specialist Bradley Manning, she was an Intelligence Analyst with the US Army.

While stationed in Iraq, Specialist Manning sent classified documents to WikiLeaks that compromised national security. For this crime, Manning was tried, convicted, and thrown into a military prison.

Now, after taxpayers bought him a sex change, Manning is trying to pass herself off as a “security expert.”

To be fair, Manning and WikiLeaks did expose certain unsavory tactics used by the military in Iraq. Most infamous of all was the “collateral damage” video, which depicted US aircraft killing civilians.

Furthermore, despite the claims of John McCain, the Pentagon concluded that Manning’s leaks had no adverse impact on America’s security, whether domestic or foreign.

That being said, after being released from jail early, Manning has re-made herself into an ardent proponent of completely open borders. Manning’s belief in zero immigration restrictions even includes criminals.

Manning has even tweeted out support for the domestic terror group Antifa. In one now well-known post, Manning directly threatened violence against “fascists,” which, to Antifa supporters, means anyone who does not support anarcho-communism.

Harvard’s now-rescinded decision to invite Manning as a visiting fellow is another indication of how politically corrupt higher education is in the United States. While center-right speakers are routinely shut down by violent mobs that have the tacit support of the universities and campus police, a convicted felon like Manning is welcomed with open arms.

For the academic elite, Manning meets all the criteria of a far-Left hero: she’s transgender, against national borders, supports an anarcho-communist terror group, and willingly tried to subvert the US national government.

Do you really want someone like that teaching your children?

While Harvard deserves some credit for quickly caving on hiring Manning, this top-flight school still needs to put its broken house in order. After all, this is the same school that promoted a separate graduation ceremony for its black students.

Harvard, which is one of the wealthiest campuses in the country, with 67-percent of students coming from the wealthiest 20% of the country, is known for its students demanding “social justice,” “racial justice,” and “economic justice.”

This minor episode proves that the American university system is a brainwashing factory that privileges money and “correct thinking” over actual education or diverse opinions.