ALERT: Chelsea Clinton Caught In Horrifying Scandal, Americans Could Die

The Clinton family is known for their deceit and their scandals, many of which can be viewed as potentially criminal. So, it should come as no surprise that Chelsea Clinton — daughter of the failed presidential candidate Hillary and the formally scandalous president Bill — would get involved in the family business.

Chelsea is now being exposed for her involvement with a company called Long Term Strategy Group. The company has received over $11 million in contracts over the course of 10 years from a top secret Department of Defense think tank called the Office of Net Assessment, according to the Daily Caller. The president of the company, Jacqueline Newmyer, has been quoted as being Chelsea’s “best friend.”

The think tank group, Office of Net Assessment, has information that is so sensitive and so classified, that they are housed inside the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The fact that this information is getting passed off to a private contracting company is disturbing, to say the least.

After being in business for 10 years, they are only now working on granting security clearances to the people involved in Long Term Strategy Group. Despite receiving over 11 million dollars in contracts, they have never operated in a secured room.

In an email to the Daily Caller, they confirmed as much: “The Long Term Strategy Group is currently in process for a facility clearance with the Defense Security Service.”

Chelsea’s “best friend,” Newmyer, isn’t talking. She has refused to answer any questions regarding the fact that they handle classified documents in a non-classified area.

This should sound familiar to people who know of the horrific actions taken by Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Then, Clinton kept her documents — which concerned the locations of Americans — on a private, unsecured server.

Her actions opened the door for hackers to find the location of the Americans in Benghazi and stage one of the most devastating terrorist attacks on US citizens in history. Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, Hillary called the parents “liars” and played it off like it was nothing.

Now the possibility of the same kind of scenario presents itself with Chelsea’s friend having access to highly sensitive information on US defense. If someone were to get their hands on delicate information and quit the company, terrifying consequences could unfold.

Chelsea Clinton is best buds with president of company that received over $11 million in contracts over the course of ten years from the Department of Defense. Anyone surprised?

Newmyer skirted around other important questions during her email with the Daily Caller. She refused to address whether or not the new “secure” facility would be paid for by the company or the taxpayers.

If this was something her company was doing legitimately and in a forthright manner, one would think she would want to come forward and make it entirely clear. This gesture would make things less controversial for her company, give the American people peace of mind, and would be the “right thing” to do.

The question evasion, association with Clinton, and instances of similar events like those leading up to the Benghazi attacks should have every American questioning why this company has been allowed to operate this way. Not just for ethical reasons, but for the safety and security of the country.