BOMBSHELL: Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Leader’s Sick Secret Exposed

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally in¬†Charlottesville, Virginia, has gone from being an obscure fringe figure to one of the most talked-about individuals in America. But the man who has been categorized as a neo-Nazi and white supremacist has an intriguing past that has received little attention in the mainstream media.

An extensive review of Kessler’s social media history by Nation News shows that, until recently, Kessler held very liberal political views and was a fervent supporter of Barack Obama. This revelation comes as a shock to observers and casts doubt on Kessler’s motivation behind the “Unite the Right” rally.

Kessler’s numerous tweets over the course of several years provide a window into his politics. Surprisingly, on all major political issues, Kessler’s tweets show him to be ideologically-aligned with the left.

The white supremacist figure has been very vocal on the issue of gun control, which has often been one of the most divisive topics between liberals and conservatives. Contrary to the typical right-wing stance, Kessler has been supportive of limiting the Second Amendment and enacting stricter gun control.

In one tweet dating back to December of 2012, Kessler wrote: “These gun nuts have bullied the American people for too long and enabled too many killers.” In another tweet, Kessler even shared a petition for more restrictive gun laws, writing “Sign this petition to ensure that President Obama addresses gun control.”

Around the same time, the “Unite the Right” organizer regularly praised Obama and Clinton while simultaneously condemning Republicans. His tweets demonstrate a clear siding with the Democrat Party and disdain for the GOP.

In early 2012, he wrote: “Obama and Clinton just demolished the Republican arguments on consecutive nights with two of the greatest speeches of this generation.” Kessler also expressed support for Obama Secretary of State John Kerry, whom he lauded as a skilled negotiator for his role in the Iran nuclear deal.

“@BarackObama’s Nobel-worthy ploy for peace comes to fruition & @JohnKerry cements his legacy as a historic Secretary of State. #IranTalks.” As expected, Kessler’s support for the Iran deal was accompanied by opposition to the State of Israel.

Kessler’s transformation from Obama supporter to white supremacist supposedly took place in 2016. He credits the media’s alleged instigation of the Baltimore riots as being the catalyst that sparked his change. However, Kessler never mentioned the Baltimore riots in his tweets prior to his announced change of heart–except in reference to an Orioles baseball game.

The conspicuous circumstances behind Kessler’s political views have caused speculation that Kessler was a liberal spy planted to damage the right, as noted by Media Matters. According to such theories, Kessler never had a political conversion. He pretended to be a white supremacist in order to ruin the right’s credibility by stirring violence.

Jason Kessler, the neo-Nazi who organized the protests that produced death and violence in Charlottesville, is now exposed to have Progressive/Liberal political roots. Do you believe the violence at Charlottesville was orchestrated?

Even prominent alt-right figures have disavowed Kessler. As covered by The New York Daily News, alt-right icon Richard Spencer condemned Kessler after the “Unite the Right” organizer mocked the death of Heather Heyer, the woman who was fatally run over during the conflict between white supremacists and Antifa.

According to Fox News, Kessler says he is in hiding after receiving a number of death threats. The current situation suggests that Kessler’s short-lived political leadership has now come to an end.