JUST IN: Parents of Charlie Gard Get Brain Scan Results… BIG News Announced

There’s hope for Charlie, despite what UK doctors think.

As the world takes sides in the fight for Charlie Gard’s life, his parents have received wonderful news. After a brain scan was performed on Charlie, a US doctor believes experimental treatment has anywhere from an 11 to 56 percent chance of saving his life. (via Fox News)

The news comes after Dr Michio Hirano of the Columbia University Medical Center conducted a thorough examination of the small child. Dr. Hirano, a specialist in rare genetic diseases, believes that treatments offered in the US have a chance of saving Charlie’s life and can possibly give him more muscle strength.

The parents are relieved by the new diagnosis. A spokesperson for the family revealed they’re still concerned for Charlie’s life, but hopeful. “Charlie’s case has moved from the chances of this ground-breaking therapy working from being as close to zero, as to make no difference to, according to the expert evidence that’s been heard in court, to a small but significant chance.” (via Fox News)

The spokesman is referring to the legal battle the parents have been wrapped up in trying to get Charlie to the states for medical treatment. According to doctors in the United Kingdom, there is no hope for Charlie to be treated for the rare mitochondrial depletion syndrome, and the best option is to take him off life support.

This led to a court battle in which the British High Court and the European Court of Human Rights supported the doctors’ decision and moved for the child to be taken off life support, despite the parents’ wishes.

The ruling led to a massive outcry in the US, prompting President Trump to sent out a tweet showing his support, saying, “If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so.” (via Twitter)

While the doctors in the UK should hardly be demonized for seeking to minimize the harm caused to the suffering child, the disinterest in the wishes of the parents and a potential life-saving and life-improving treatment is disturbing. Furthermore, it’s a startling image of what life under liberal policies could look like.

Charlie Gard is fighting for his life. Are you praying for him?

The world under the thumb of a political party championing after-birth abortions and physician-assisted suicide under the Death with Dignity Act could lead to families losing loved ones without having any say in the matter. When the government attempts to play God with the life of a child, despite the parents’ wishes, people should be concerned.

Fortunately, the world has rallied behind Charlie, and with Dr. Hirano’s findings there is a strong push for the legal courts in the UK to reevaluate the case and determine if transferring the baby to the US for treatment is in the child’s best interest. At the time of this article, no such decision has been made, but there is hope for Charlie Gard and his family.

Our prayers are with them as we all hope for a miracle.