WATCH: CEO Gives Job Applicants “Snowflake Test”

As the younger generation is entering into the work force, many employers are looking for a way to separate the hardworking wheat from the entitled chaff.

Kyle Reye, CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the “snowflake test” he invented to weed out “liberal snowflake” job applicants. Kyle explains that he was receiving hundreds of job applications after a promotional video he created went viral, “and I needed a filter to sort through all of that,” he told the Fox News hosts. 

“I wanted to be able to have individuals work for my company who would sort of fit the culture. Not just the culture of our company, but the culture of our clients too, and we needed to have people who aren’t snowflakes,” Reye explains.

Reyes says that his firm represents a lot of “hardcore American companies,” and that his staff should be prepared to support our police, handle a firearm, and be proud of their country.

Job applicants were asked to fill out a survey which included questions like: “What does American mean to you?”, “When was the last time you cried and why?”, and “How do you feel about guns?”

Kyle Reye says he is looking for honest answers to these questions and would be happy to hire liberal applicants as long as they don’t expect a safe space in the office. More specifically, Reye is testing applicants on their ability to express themselves. He says he wants, “people who have a sense of community, who have a sense of heart, who aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, but who are able to actually make an argument and stand by it.”

millennials are the worst… Unless they’re the best.” According to Myers, there are many hard working and dedicated millennial employees, but they are overshadowed by the lazy and entitled workers that characterize the upcoming generation.

A recent study by Red Brick Research found that hiring managers share this view of millennial employees, with 80 percent of respondents claiming that millennial workers display narcissistic tendencies.

This narcissistic view appears to be the result of millennials’ high expectations for workplace success. Over two-thirds of millennials surveyed said they see themselves in a management role within five years, despite the fact that 58 percent of respondents said they don’t plan to work for one company for more than three years.

Myers explains that millennial employees tend to either exceed expectations or completely fail to live up to them, with very few falling in between. Myers suggests that the best way to compensate for the wide range of talents is by putting extra emphasis on the application process, which is exactly what Silent Partner Marketing is doing.

While many who watched Kyle Reye’s viral video sent in a job application, others wanted to offer their support in different ways. Reye says a priest from Nevada mailed him a bunch of cardboard snowflake cutouts and a thank you note. While another supporter mailed Reye a snowblower, to help him blow snowflakes away.