JUST IN: CBS Official Fired For Sexual Crime, He Deserved This

Allegations of harassment are flowing through every layer of Hollywood and show business on the whole. People are finally being held accountable for their disturbing behavior.

In this case, a CBS Television Network director named Rick Najera has decided to resign after allegations came forward that he was participating in sexual harassment, according to The Daily Mail. Najera has been affiliated with the Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase for a long time. The goal is to give more airtime to groups that are not represented as much as CBS believes they deserve. He has now decided to leave the show after sexual harassment allegations.

Allegations like these have started to become commonplace since Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sexual deviant. He was preying on girls for decades. Just recently, over 25 women have come out to say that he harassed them.

This exposure of such an influential person in Hollywood is causing people bring up cases of sexual harassment throughout Hollywood that they have been silent about for decades. This includes people on shows aired on basic cable.

A CBS spokesperson responded: “In March 2017, CBS became aware of inappropriate comments made during the production of the Diversity Comedy Showcase, and remedial action was taken at that time, which the company felt was appropriate to the matter.”

The spokesperson went on to confirm that, “After looking into these reports and a discussion with Mr. Najera, he has resigned from his role with the Diversity Comedy Showcase.”

People usually do not give up their positions, especially long-term influential positions in a coveted industry, if they know they are innocent. It seems that he knows he did something wrong and wanted to leave before it got worse.

It was reported that the first complaint about Najera occurred in February. This prompted an investigation that turned-up additional complaints focused on issues of sexual harassment with Najera being the instigator.

A probe from 2009 revealed that Najera, who also produced the Hulu series East Los High, has quite a permissive relationship with his wife. Reports indicate they are in an open marriage.

In other words, Najera could pursue other relationships outside of his marriage, and likely tried, based on the claims. But he went further than just trying, he crossed the line into sexual harassment. There seems to be a penchant for certain people in positions of power and cases of sexual harassment and even rape.

A CBS official has resigned after claims of sexual harassment were leveled at him. Do people in power think they can get away with abuse like this?

There were also claims that he made lewd comments to a performer on his popular show in 2014. These repeated cases are not mere coincidences; there seems to be a common string of truth attached to all of the stories of the victims.

As more people in Hollywood are exposed for their horrific sexual crimes, one has to wonder where it ends. This is a deep, dark lifestyle at the center of investigation. As this subject is further explored, it may reveal even more people participating in this kind of behavior.

Hopefully, shedding light on the dark underworld of show business will reduce or perhaps stop the number of victims who face sexual harassment. One can only hope.