Op-Ed: San Francisco Just Cemented Its Place as the Most Dim-Witted City in America

Fearing for its position as the most dim-witted city in America, San Francisco has once again proven that when it comes to half-baked simple-mindedness, it has no peer. The city’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee has recommended compensating black residents harmed by slavery. This would be bad enough on its own lack of merit, but […]

Solomon: Can Elon Musk Run Twitter by Firing 90% of Its Workers?

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, its workforce is down to less than 2,500 employees, a 75 percent reduction. Musk seems to be purposefully walking the path to get the company under 1,000 employees, which would mark a headcount reduction of close to 90 percent since Musk bought the company on Oct. 27. Is this actually […]

Op-Ed: Is Nikki Haley the Kamala Harris of the GOP?

Nikki Haley is a junkie for identity politics. This addiction goes all the way back to her time as governor of South Carolina. In 2015, Haley opened the door to an era marked by relentless attacks on historic American symbols by giving the left its first taste of blood. After a tragic shooting in Charleston, the […]

Mike Huckabee: Hunter Financially Tied to Chinese Espionage, Sent More Classified Emails

As it becomes clearer that Hunter Biden, with his many shady business connections and, shall we say, freewheeling lifestyle, had access to top-secret material in his father’s possession, the question becomes, how did this search for classified documents get started? Kash Patel, who as lead investigator for Devin Nunes’ House Intel Committee and a former […]

Scaros: Oust George Santos Now, Gain Many More Republican Seats Next Time

On Nov. 8, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman defeated television celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz to win a seat in the U.S. Senate. But four months before the election, Fetterman suffered a stroke, and right up until and through Election Day visibly and troublingly exhibited signs of cognitive erosion that rightfully called into question his fitness […]

Scaros: Choosing an Ideal Primary Opponent to Challenge McConnell

Former President Donald Trump isn’t wasting any time trying to knock Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell out of his seat the next time he’s up for re-election (which won’t be until 2026), and is looking for a quality challenger to back. But Trump certainly has his work cut out for him. Besides being popular among […]