Europe Turns on Biden Administration for What It Has Done With Ukraine Conflict

If a series of comments from European officials reflect a wider view, a gap may be opening between the Biden administration and its European allies over the way America has conducted itself during the Ukraine war. The report, which relies extensively on sources that are not named, frames European officials as fuming that America grows […]

Trump-Ye 2024? Not So Fast, Trump Uses Scathing 2 Words to Describe Kanye

For Republicans looking forward to 2024 and the possibility of removing President Joe Biden from office, they currently have two official candidates. Those candidates would be former President Donald Trump and the artist formerly known as Kanye West (who has legally changed his name to just “Ye”). That is … quite an eccentric pair of […]

Puppy Overdoses on Fentanyl, Firefighters Step In to Save the Day

A puppy was saved by Michigan firefighters last weekend after the young dog found a “fentanyl patch” and overdosed. According to WWMT-TV in Kalamazoo, the female puppy, named Whip, was brought to the Coldwater Fire Department after the owner found the animal overdosing. Coldwater Fire Chief Dave Schmaltz told the station Whip likely got into the […]

New Yorkers Use Fall Foliage to Their Advantage, Avoid Tolls by Using Leaves

It’s fall foliage as camouflage. Drivers have been using the autumn weather to their advantage by sticking leaves and other items onto their license plates in order to avoid tolls and speeding fines, according to the New York Post. Many upset citizens have posted pictures and videos on social media showing various objects that have […]

Prison Crew Makes Grisly Discovery While Working Along I-5 in Oregon

A prison cleanup crew picking up roadside debris off of Interstate 5 in Oregon came upon a human skull last week. An Oregon Department of Corrections crew found the skull in a discarded backpack at about 9 a.m. Monday, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. The skull and backpack were on the northbound side of the […]

Pilot Dies Suddenly After Suffering Medical Emergency Shortly After Takeoff from Chicago Airport

An American Airlines flight was forced to return to its take-off location after the aircraft’s pilot suffered a medical emergency in-flight. “We need to return. Captain is incapacitated,” the aircraft’s copilot told air traffic control. American Eagle Flight 3556 had previously departed from Chicago O’Hare Airport on Saturday night. The flight was originally bound for […]