BREAKING: Ben Carson Just Brought Obama’s Welfare Giveaway to a Screeching Halt

One of the most controversial changes Obama made while he was in office was the way The Department of Housing and Urban Development was set up. It used to be a system where competitive bidding took place to decide who would get a home, but Obama turned it into a complicated, grant style system in 2012.

According to The Washington Examiner, Ben Carson has changed the system again, this time for the better. It will officially revert back to the old competitive bidding method! Another pillar of Obama’s “legacy” is gone. HUD was sued multiple times due to Obama’s system, and the US Supreme Court stopped listening to HUD’s appeals.

Currently, there is no official announcement of when HUD will make the full transition back to its former system, but an official announced that many of the competitive methods are being implemented immediately, as signified by Secretary Carson’s statement.

This method is much better for society as a whole. It helps people who actually need it, and manages to save taxpayers’ money. The lawmakers of the 2012 HUD revamp made sure to speak out about it leading up to this point.

HUD was a mess when Carson first took his position. According to The Daily Wire, one of Carson’s first actions was to audit HUD to evaluate its activities and efficiency. He discovered that there was approximately $500 billion in accounting errors under the few short years of the Obama administration.

While there is no solid evidence that bribe money was handed out under Obama’s plan, it certainly would have been possible to pay those who helped his cause. HUD’s assets and liabilities were improperly accounted for, and significant differences existed between ledgers. They failed to carry out basic accounting principles and policies.

If the system under Obama allowed people to choose who HUD money was granted to, then certainly money could be given to landlords who just so happened to be big supporters of the former president.

Due to the way Obama’s HUD worked, a great number of contractors were forced to appeal to the Government Accountability Office in 2012. It didn’t take long for the committee to rule that HUD’s behavior was “unreasonable and in disregard of applicable statutory guidelines.”

HUD didn’t seem to mind much because they continued their political path, resulting in many different lawsuits. Contractors were forced to look for new employment or wait it out in court.

Despite everything that happened, HUD remained unchanged–until now. President Trump and Secretary Carson knew the system was broken and hurting people in a big way. Sometimes, the only way a broken system can be quickly repaired is if it reverts to the previous version.

Eric Strong, the CEO of Navigate Affordable Housing Partners, and former contractor under HUD, said that he publically lobbied to get the system changed back to the pre-Obama days. “All we’ve ever wanted was fair and open competition because we know it results in the best financial situation for the taxpayer and also will result in better housing for the residents who in those units.”