WATCH: Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning To Conservatives

In what can only be described as a disturbing and accelerating trend, Americans have begun to see large tech companies and social media giants start censoring opinions they don’t like. With a shockingly large proportion of Silicon Valley companies owned by–or at least partially controlled by–leftist sympathizers, we’ve begun to see a new attack on free speech that the founding fathers would never have thought possible back in their day.

Tucker Carlson recently spoke about this threat on his show, calling out Google specifically as spearheading this movement. “Google seems to be letting politics dictate who is allowed to make money from their platform,” Tucker said on Tuesday, according to FOX News.

On his show was Dave Rubin, a prominent, centrist YouTube commentator and talk show host. Having interviewed many prominent figures, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, and others from all different political positions, Rubin prides himself on being a “liberal” in the original sense of the word, including the respect of free speech.

However, YouTube has recently demonetized most of his videos, preventing him from earning any ad revenue at all.

“It appears, at least, that there’s some pretty shady stuff going on,” Rubin said. “Look, I don’t want to fight Google and YouTube…but my show, we do a talk show based on big ideas, in an old-school Larry King-esque style…just lately, almost our entire back-catalog has been demonetized.”

“Unfortunately, the lack of transparency there, it took me about two years to get on the phone with them,” he said. “I finally did about two weeks ago and didn’t really get any answers.”

What’s scary here is that Dave Rubin isn’t a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a firm centrist, but it seems even this willingness to have conversations with conservatives has gotten him in trouble with YouTube/Google.

This isn’t a rare occurrence either. Many other people have been getting banned and demonetized as well.

Joy Villa, the African-American singer who is best remembered for wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammy Awards, had her music video banned for apparently no reason, with little way to fight back.

Diamond & Silk, the famous YouTube duo whose style and personality won them a large audience of YouTube followers, and who even spoke on stage alongside Donald Trump, got 95% of their videos demonetized as well.

Jordan Peterson, the famous Canadian professor of psychology at the University of Toronto is yet another victim of this witch hunt. He had his YouTube account locked for no apparent reason. Peterson earned his fame through passionately defending free speech in Canada against a gender pronoun bill that threatened to prosecute people who do not use the correct pronoun when referring to someone. Google gave him no reason or explanation either.

We are slowly but steadily sliding into George Orwell’s 1984. Conservative views are becoming a form of “thoughtcrime,” as Orwell would say. Certain opinions are being silenced, and Google is spearheading this movement.

Tucker Carlson says Google is keeping conservatives from profiting from the platform. Can Google do this?

Although not everyone in these companies agrees with these policies, considering what happened to one of their engineers who wrote a memo criticizing the “politically correct monoculture,” they are probably keeping their opinions to themselves lest they get fired as well.

With one former CIA agent trying to crowdfund a $1 billion buyout of Twitter so that she can ban Trump, I think that a sufficient enough point has been made. Conservatives are under attack from these companies at a disturbing rate.

As those on the Left feel increasingly compelled to suppress and silence the political opinions of those on the Right, we are entering a time when either we need to get these companies to change their policies through our united consumer pressure, or set off and build an entirely new infrastructure more dedicated to the values of free speech.