Candace Cameron Bure Responds After Her ‘Traditional Marriage’ Comment Ignites Fury Among Leftists: ‘I Shouldn’t Be Surprised’

Actress Candace Cameron Bure has never been shy about her strong Christian faith and its influence on every aspect of her life.

That makes her a positive rarity when it comes to Hollywood (though other shining examples do exist.)

But when Bure got some wildly emotional and angry backlash this week after announcing she’s moving from the Hallmark Channel to the upstart Great American Family network, her response showed just how rare she is. She’s not just an upstanding actor, but perhaps, an even more upstanding human being and Christian.

While many weren’t happy about Bure’s decision to leave Hallmark, for which she has done more than 30 movies, it was her reason for doing so that ignited outrage in some corners.

“It basically is a completely different network than when I started because of the change of leadership,” Bure told The Wall Street Journal in a piece Monday that drew the most negative attention.

“I think Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core,” she said.

Some interpreted that as a reference to the fact that Hallmark has started promoting LGBT marriages in its movies recently and decided her comments were a direct attack on gay people.

All it takes is a spark of interpretation to trigger a wildfire, and that’s exactly what happened. The haters and critics, including actress Hilarie Burton, took that as a rallying cry to demean Bure as “homophobic,” a “bigot” and worse.

Bure’s response to her fiercest critics and name-callers? She still loves you.

“I would like to address my comments on Great American Family’s programming as reported in The Wall Street Journal,” the actress began in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday. “All of you who know me, know beyond question that I have great love and affection for all people. It absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would ever think I intentionally would want to offend and hurt anyone.”

She then noted who the real culprit in all of this drama is and was:

“It saddens me that the media is often seeking to divide us, even around a subject as comforting and merry as Christmas movies,” Bure wrote. “But given the toxic climate in our culture right now, I shouldn’t be surprised. We need Christmas more than ever.”


The actress also made no apologies for her beliefs.

“I am a devoted Christian. Which means that I believe that every human being bears the image of God,” Bure wrote. “My heart yearns to build bridges and bring people one step closer to God, to love others well, and to simply be a reflection of God’s huge love for all of us.”

It was in the next message that Bure addressed her critics directly.

“To the members of the media responsible for using this opportunity to fan flames of conflict and hate, I have a simple message: I love you anyway,” she said. “To those who hate what I value and who are attacking me online: I love you. To those who have tried to assassinate my character: I love you. To everyone reading this, of any race, creed, sexuality or political party, including those who have tried to bully me with name-calling, I love you.”

That last line in particular appears to be directed at those like Burton who immediately jump to “bigot” the instant their beliefs are challenged.

And Bure made sure to end her lengthy post with what she actually wants for Christmas.

“All of that comes from the LOVE that God himself showered upon humanity when he gave the gift of joy and forgiveness on the first Christmas morning 2000 years ago,” she said. “It is why I love Christmas stories and sharing true joy and true peace with millions of people around the world. And in the sole motivation of pure love, I hope you’ll join me in sharing God’s hope for all the world this Christmas season.

“Call that my Christmas wish.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.