BREAKING: California’s “Sanctuary” Law Takes Deadly Turn

Democrats have not been silent about their irritation over President Trump’s goal to crack down on illegal immigration. Perhaps no state has spoken louder in defiance than California, and now, tragically, its residents are paying the price.

An illegal immigrant living in Santa Rosa named Nery Israel Estrada-Margos, 38, decided to turn himself in at the local Santa Rosa police department after admitting he beat his girlfriend so badly that he was certain she was dead, according to The Press Democrat. As it turns out, his girlfriend Veronica Cabrera Ramirez was found dead in the apartment that the couple shared. California’s sanctuary law, combined with the heavy pressure from the Democrats not to cooperate with ICE, very likely contributed to this senseless death. 

On July 31st, Estrada-Margos beat Ramirez and ended up going to jail on August 2nd. He made bail, which was set at $30,000 on the 3rd, and on August 4th was released.

The sheriff’s office claimed that they were not responsible because they contacted ICE agents to come pick him up, due to the fact that he was here illegally. The only problem is, they left out one important detail.

According to CBS San Francisco, they released Estrada-Margos just 16 minutes after calling ICE and confirming he was there. It was seemingly an attempt for them to mislead the public into thinking that ICE just didn’t bother picking him up.

On August 18th, just two weeks after being released from jail, he ended up killing his girlfriend. If the police department had held him there, chances are Ramirez would be alive today.

As of right now, Estrada-Margos is in jail on murder charges, while the autopsy of his girlfriend is scheduled for today. Alarmingly, this is not the first time that the jail has caused ICE to lose illegal immigrants who get arrested.

From the start of the year until July 31st, ICE has shown up to the same police station 139 times. There is only a small percentage of times that they get there and the illegal immigrant in question is still there.

Despite the murder of an innocent woman, Sheriff Rob Giordana changed the way they deal with ICE, partly due to the blowback they have received from the Democrats. In fact, the Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach and the county supervisors have pressured the sheriff’s office to curtail their responses to ICE notification requests.

The new policy states that the only time federal immigration officials can be called is if the person has been convicted of a felony specifically listed under the California Trust Act, or specific misdemeanors chosen by Giordana. This policy seems to pave the way for more illegal immigrants to remain outside of ICE authority.


Ironically enough, since Estrada-Margos had no prior convictions, that would mean that under the new law, the sheriff’s office would not have been required to call ICE when they released him the first time.

Another murder in California after an illegal immigrant was set free.  Would you feel safer if California actually enforced immigration laws?

All the while, the sheriff’s office does not collect information on the immigration status of immigrants when they are arrested.

California has demonstrated, once again, why borders are important, and this case points to the need for state agencies to cooperate with ICE authorities in order to keep other tragic events such as this from happening.