JUST IN: Cajun Navy Makes Powerful Announcement

As Hurricane Harvey proceeds to devastate areas of southern Texas in what some people are calling the worst disaster since Hurricane Katrina, it’s encouraging to learn that our nation is standing unified behind our Texan brethren to the south.

In particular, the Cajun Navy has made an announcement much to the rejoice of Texans; “Hang on Houston, assets from the Cajun Navy are en route.” Houston area officials have given the Cajun’s the green light to come in and assist with search and rescue efforts, according to WBRZ.

According to the Southeast Louisiana Storm Spotters Facebook post, the Cajun Navy recently announced that they were coming to the aid of their southern neighbors. Having received permission from Houston to proceed, the storm spotters said that “we’re in direct communication with them giving them weather guidance and also getting reports from them about road conditions in the western part of Louisiana,” the post read.

Some members of the Cajun Navy are supposedly already in the flooded areas and are suggesting the road conditions are absolutely horrendous and shouldn’t be risked.

Another Facebook post from the Cajun Navy said “I was loaded and in route to Houston, Texas. It turns out that I will not make it because of impassable roads. There are other members of the Cajun Navy already there and in route though. God bless you all and continue to pray for Texas.”

Formed over 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, the Cajun Navy – an informal network of good Samaritans with small watercraft – have already saved thousands of stranded people, and their re-mobilization is an uplifting sign to Texans in need.

“There’s no telling how many are already over there,” Said 39-year-old Joey Hains, one of the Navy’s many volunteers. “Basically everybody that’s wanting to go help out” is already on the move, he would explain to USA Today.

Clyde Cain, who runs the Facebook page of Louisiana Cajun Navy, also said that “the reality of the Cajun Navy is everybody out here with a boat that isn’t devastated gets out and helps others.”

“I can’t look at somebody knowing that I have a perfect boat in my driveway to be doing this and to just sit at home. I have every resource within 100 feet of me to help,” said Jordy Bloodsworth, another volunteer who has pledged his support.

Hurricane Harvey’s development took a turn for the worse during the middle of last week, whereas before meteorologists were happy to see it recede as it degenerated into a tropical depression. However, on August 24th, the tropical storm regained its status and quickly became a hurricane later in the day, becoming a category 4 Hurricane on August 25th.

As the worst natural disaster to hit the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina devastates Texas, residents from across the Gulf Coast are responding; a force known as the “Cajun Navy.” Is the response of everyday citizens to neighbors in need a better depiction of America than the protests in Berkeley?

At this moment, Hurricane Harvey has already displaced tens of thousands of people, with 30,000 people after some areas of Texas received over 40 inches of rainwater.

As the Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate Texas and other areas of mainland America, these noble volunteers of the Cajun Navy are a representation of the true American spirit.