BREAKING: US Army Makes Tragic Announcement

The US military recently suffered a tragedy when two soldiers were killed in an accident earlier this week.

NBC News has reported that two soldiers lost their lives in a “tragic accident involving a military vehicle and a troop formation” in South Carolina. Six soldiers were wounded in the incident.

Two of the soldiers who were injured in the accident are still in critical condition at the facility, which is located outside of Columbia. The military stated that the individuals who were harmed in the incident were evacuated to a hospital near the base. Pat Jones, a public affairs officer, stated that a vehicle crashed into a troop formation late in the afternoon.

US Army Training Center and Fort Jackson Commander Major General Peter Johnson issued a statement about the incident. In the statement, he said, “Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the soldiers we lost today and to the families of the injured, they represent the best of our Nation and we will endeavor to support all those affected through this difficult time.”

The military has stated that they are withholding the names of the dead and injured soldiers until they are able to notify their next-of-kin. They added that they intend to run a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.

It could be months until the results of that investigation are made public by the military, given the thorough and oft slow nature of federal or military investigations, though we’ll be watching the situation diligently as it unfolds.

South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson expressed his condolences as well. “Roxanne and I are deeply saddened by the news that two brave soldiers lost their lives at Fort Jackson,” he wrote on Twitter. “We are forever grateful for their sacrifices — and those of their families. We ask that everyone keep the six service members who sustained injuries in their thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.”

Other state officials have also offered their condolences.

The Fort Jackson military installation provides Basic Combat Training at the Army Training Center. It provides training for 36,000 soldiers and it gives advanced individual training to 8,000 soldiers each year. Currently, 3,500 active-duty soldiers are assigned to Fort Jackson full time.

Whatever the facts of their deaths, two soldiers were killed in an accident earlier this week at Army Training Center. Should all service members be honored as heroes, no matter how they die?

The last time Fort Jackson had an accident was in 2016 — a sergeant first class died from a heat stroke after a two-mile run in high temperatures. It’s evident that hard training is what makes our brave service men and women the unbeatable physical and mental juggernauts that they are.

It’s also evident that certain precautions must be enforced by our military in order to protect the best interests of those who choose to sacrifice everything in the name of our nation’s freedom. Part of showing our fighting forces the respect and admiration they deserve is not demanding too much of them, or needlessly placing their lives or well being at risk.

Accidents such as these are a tragic reminder of the dangers our troops face — even when they are not in combat. It is yet another reason to honor the sacrifices these service members make when they enlist in our armed forces.