Breaking: Feds Now Believe They Have Enough Evidence for Criminal Charges Against Hunter Biden – Report

It appears that Hunter Biden may soon be charged with federal crimes.

A federal investigation into the president’s son began in 2018 under the direction of Trump-appointed U.S. attorney David Weiss of Delaware.

Reports indicate Hunter Biden may have committed crimes related to taxes and the purchase of a firearm.

On Thursday, an exclusive report from The Washington Post claimed federal agents have gathered “sufficient evidence” to charge Hunter Biden with a crime.

According to the Post, inside sources “familiar with the case” revealed as much.

In terms of specifics, there are two crimes the investigation is now centered on.

Federal authorities believe that Hunter Biden may not have reported income for many of his dealings overseas, the Post reported.

Furthermore, it is believed that he purchased a firearm while he was regularly smoking crack cocaine.


In order to purchase the gun, Hunter Biden would have had to answer “no” to the standard question: Are you “an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

Lying on the forms for a firearm purchase is a chargeable offense.

Tensions surrounding the case have been building up for some time now.

Back in July, a report from CNN revealed the investigation had reached a “critical juncture.”

At the time, sources told the outlet that authorities were weighing whether or not to charge Hunter Biden with a crime.

If the Post’s Thursday report proves accurate, it appears that a decision has been made.

According to CNN, the breadth of Hunter Biden’s potential wrongdoing is indeed expansive.

Department of Justice officials reportedly examined potential crimes related to money laundering, campaign finance, taxes and foreign lobbying, among others.

Sources reportedly told the Post that DOJ agents were confident in the case against Hunter Biden months ago.

All they were waiting for, the Post claimed, was for DOJ prosecutors to decide whether or not the evidence was enough to get a conviction.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.