BREAKING: Border Patrol Union Drops Bombshell About Trump

In the 2016 presidential election, the entire Border Patrol Union endorsed Donald Trump for president, a first in United States history. Their unanimous support shows how poor the situation was along the border and how vital Trump’s policies are needed to keep our borders safe.

Since Trump has taken office, the Head of the Border Patrol Union said that “energy among agents is best I’ve ever seen.” President Trump has delivered on his promises to secure the border, and morale among Border Patrol agents is at an all time high. (via Fox News)

Brandon Judd, the union’s president, expressed how agents felt hamstrung and hindered for years under the Obama administration’s “catch-and-release” policies.

“Whether you’re in the left, right or middle, you have to say this president has done exactly what he’s promised to do,” said the union president, who also said that there is a vibe and energy among Border Patrol officers that he hasn’t ever seen in his 20-year career.

Recent data supports this as well, as Customs and Border Protection reported a 53 percent decrease in apprehensions since last year. A remarkable decrease, as CBP looks at apprehensions as a yardstick to estimate how many people are trying to cross the border. Fewer apprehensions indicate there are fewer attempted crossings. (via Washington Examiner)

“We signed up to do a job, and this president is allowing us to do that job,” said Judd, implying that Obama didn’t allow his agents to do their job to the best of their ability. (via Fox News)

Shawn Moran, who sits on the Border Patrol Council, expressed a similar thought, saying, “we have had eight years of finding excuses and reasons and loopholes to allow people to be walked out the front door of Border Patrol stations.” (via Fox News)

Judd added that a border wall is necessary for many parts of the border, and looks forward to seeing it built. “If you look at San Diego or El Paso where we did it right, illegal immigration has plummeted, and if we do it right in strategic locations like what the president said, we would control immigration.” (via Fox News)

What’s shocking is the indication of just how lax the previous administration was on border control. Defending our nation’s border is one of the most important functions of government and the previous administration’s indifference to this topic is disturbing.

The Border Patrol had little support under the Obama administration. Do you support the Border Patrol?

In fact, the former president is still trying his best to stay relevant. Approximately two months ago, Obama sat with Angela Merkel in front of an audience where he took swipes at Trump’s efforts to protect Americans.

“…in this new world that we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves. We can’t hide behind a wall,” said Obama as he referenced Trump in his first speech in Europe since leaving the White House. (via Express)

Thankfully, our president is committed to fulfilling the promises he made to the American people regardless of the criticism he draws from the left. We should be thankful that we have someone of such character in the White House.