BREAKING: Border Patrol Issues Epic Trump Message, Please Listen

Those who are serving on the frontline of America’s Southern border know full well just how desperate the border security situation really is. It’s no surprise that one of their top officials made this Pro-Trump statement.

One Border Patrol union head said that he “absolutely approves” of President Trump’s recent message which stressed the importance of building a wall along the Southern border, especially in light of the recent attack of two border agents in Texas that led to one’s death, according to The Washington Examiner.

Speaking on CNN, National Border Council President Brandon Judd was asked by anchor Brooke Baldwin whether or not he approved of President Trump using the recent incident to advocate for building the wall.

The news personality shared Trump’s tweet, which said: “Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!”

It was a message that the border official completely agreed with. “I do absolutely approve that we do need barriers in strategic locations, which is exactly what we’ve been saying from the beginning,” Judd said in response.

“I think that you have to, as the president of the United States, I think that you have to illustrate examples of why a wall would be needed,” he added. “I absolutely approve of his tweet saying this is an example that shows why we need a wall.”

Two US Border Patrol agents were ambushed by illegal immigrants with rocks on Saturday, according to Fox News. Although details are still unclear, officials are certain that “they were not fired upon.”

“Our condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez, who was killed this morning in the line of duty. We are also praying for the full recovery of his partner, who was also attacked,” read a statement from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

“This is a stark reminder of the ongoing threat that an unsecure border poses to the safety of our communities and those charged with defending them,” Sen. Cruz continued. “We are grateful for the courage and sacrifice of our border agents who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe. I remain fully committed to working with the Border Patrol to provide them with all the resources they need to safeguard our nation.”

The Washington Times reported that Brandon Judd commented earlier this year that morale has been at a 20-year high in the agency ever since Mr. Trump took office. Among other things, the official said that the President was doing a good job of “actually enforcing the law – something we didn’t see in the last eight years,” adding that there is an energy among agents that he hasn’t seen in a long time.

We have lost yet another US Border Patrol Agent to violence at the hands of illegal immigrants at the Southern border. Do we need President Trump’s border wall more than ever?

With Senate Republicans recently including $1.6 billion for the first installment of the proposed border wall in a new Homeland Security spending bill, Mr. Trump is well on his way to fulfilling his promise he made to his constituents.

Hopefully, tragedies such as these will be a thing of the past once the issue of illegal immigration has been dealt with once and for all.