JUST IN: Eric Bolling’s Replacement Has Been Announced…

Following accusations of inappropriate behavior, Eric Bolling has been suspended from Fox News.

Hoping to save face during future investigations, Fox News is looking to shake up its lineup after canceling Bolling’s show, according to CNN. Laura Ingraham is expected to host her own show on the 10 p.m. time slot.

The move comes after the Huffington Post published a story claiming that (at least) a dozen sources accused Bolling of inappropriate behavior, according to CNN. Supposedly, Bolling sent numerous lewd messages to his female coworkers. There are also claims that he sent at least one unsolicited photo with male genitalia that may or may not have been his.

Bolling remains adamant that the incidents in question never took place. On his twitter feed, he thanked those who stood behind him, saying, “Overwhelmed by all the support I have received. Thank you. I look forward to clearing my name asap.”

Nevertheless, he and Fox parted ways, and his show was canceled, leaving the 5 p.m. time slot vacant.

Fox decided to move their 9 p.m. show, The Five, to Bolling’s former time slot, and shifted Hannity from his 10 p.m. slot to the 9 p.m. slot — and are looking to fill that now-vacant 10 p.m. slot with Ingraham’s own show. No information is yet available as to what the show might be called, or whether or not the network have officially made a deal with Ingraham. Ingraham has reportedly been telling friends that it’s a done deal.

Ingraham has been popular among Fox audiences with her right-wing views and for bulldogging established Republicans who have been controversial among Republican voters. She has hosted her own internationally syndicated radio show, and has been a Trump supporter ever since his campaign was announced in 2016, though she’s not afraid to criticize some of his controversial actions.

According to The Hill, Ingraham was also an option for White House Press Secretary when Trump was moving his team in. She gained Trump’s attention for the position after helping him with debate preparation, providing him with old Clinton dirt to fuel his attacks on Hillary Clinton during the debates, and for advocating for Trump on her radio show.

A few weeks ago, she gained mainstream media attention for suggesting on Fox & Friends that Antifa be labeled a terrorist organization by the FBI, according to The Hill. The suggestions came after more than a 100 Antifa members attacked people at demonstrations in Berkeley, California in August.

Ingraham stated, “You go on YouTube, you can watch all of these videos. It is scary, and we should also urge everyone to consider pressing this idea of declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.”

She also suggested that top Democrats who support Antifa’s actions could be held legally accountable for inciting violent behavior, stating that, “This group [Antifa] is actively trying to intimidate, suppress free speech, and violently attack people with whom they disagree. There’s a possible RICO action that could be filed here, Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization statute that we could pursue here.”

Considering the number of sexual harassment allegations that have been burdening Fox News employees, Ingraham’s entry will do well to help repair their public image, and ward off future accusations. It’s also nice to have another right-wing advocate who isn’t afraid to play hardball with established Republicans, and who doesn’t flinch in the face of Democratic criticisms.