WATCH: Eric Bolling Reveals Hard Cold Truth About Trump – Do You Agree?

Liberal media would have you believe that Trump is a terrible president, out to ruin the lives of Americans.

Yet this belief couldn’t be further from the truth. On Fox News, Eric Bolling points out that our economy and national security have been amazing under President Trump. Bolling considers it “a successful first six months.”

On The Fox News Specialists Tonight, Bolling tells “a tale of two presidencies” where he contrasts Trump’s success so far with Obama’s failures.

He shows a large crowd of people waiting to see the president for a speech in West Virginia and says “You’ve heard it from me a thousand times. Stop listening to the polls, stop listening to the media and stop listening to the anti-Trumpers. Listen to the people.”

His advice to ignore pollsters, media and anti-Trumpers is solid advice considering what happened in 2016. Right up until the votes were counted and Trump was the clear winner, everyone in the media and nearly every poll believed Hillary Clinton was slated to win according to Pew Research.

Those same individuals and organizations now want you to believe that Trump is generally disliked. If reports by CNBC are to be believed, Trump’s approval rating is at an all time low and voters consider him an embarrassment. How seriously can these polls be taken, considering how incredibly wrong these same individuals and organizations were during the election?

Bolling criticizes the “coastal elites” and “mainstream media” who are trying to undermine and delegitimize Trump’s presidency “on all fronts”. He refers to a The Washington Post report that posted a “classified phone conversation” Trump had with Mexican President Enrique Nieto, and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. He explained the leaks are “highly illegal and also substantial national security risks.”

Bolling also made a call for outing the moles and for the media to be held responsible. “Leakers need to be caught and prosecuted. And the media needs to realize the risks they pose by encouraging these leaks. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing.”

He finished up with a comparison of President Trump and former President Obama. Using the two most telling factors of a successful presidency, the economy and national security, Trump was easily the winner.

Calling Obama a “failed president,” Bolling criticized him for “presiding over eight years of economic malaise … the massive expansion of ISIS terror and homeland terror … [and] volatile civil unrest in our communities.”

Bolling then praised Trump’s presidency, citing “a robust economy, ISIS is just about defeated, the Supreme Court is intact and conservative” and mentioned the lack of race riots under Trump.

He wrapped up his assessment of Trump’s presidency saying “Bottom line, Trump has fixed most of the Obama failures. And I’d call that a successful first six months.”

The mainstream media means to undermine Trump at every turn, even to diminish his economic successes. Was Eric Bolling right to take the media to task for ignoring the President’s achievements?

His words are in stark contrast with the liberal belief that Trump is taking away everyone’s civil rights and liberties according to Rolling Stone. It also goes against the belief of many liberals that the bulk of Trump’s successes are simply the after effect of Obama’s work and the credit should go to him, according to a report by Newsweek.

Despite what liberals would have you believe, there’s no denying that things have gotten better under Trump. The economy is doing well, illegal immigration is down, and ISIS has been heading for the hills; all thanks to the Trump presidency.