WATCH: Eric Bolling Issues Brutal Threat To Turncoat Republicans – They’ve Been Warned

The Fox News Specialists last night featured Eric Bolling passing on a serious message to conservatives who keep shutting down President Trump at every opportunity. His message is an important one for all Americans.

Bolling called out the handful of Republican Senators who voted against the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. During the rant, Bolling’s words were very pointed: “The Dow is 22,000, a record 153 million Americans are employed, Neil Gorsuch is on the high court, and illegal immigration is falling like a rock. Tough to run against that,” as reported by Fox News.

The message was clear: Republicans need to get their acts together for the sake of the American people. Bolling then proceeded to break down Sens. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), John McCain (R-AZ), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Bolling pointed out that Flake is up for reelection in 2018, and is currently publishing a book that speaks out against President Trump. He mentioned that the American people voted for this president and pushing out his book now may not be a good campaign decision.

Writing an anti-Trump book could seal his fate and facilitate his replacement in the next election. The American people selected Trump because his ideologies align with ours; we have the same common interests.

When you represent the constituents, Bolling indicated, but your goals are selfish and your ego inflated to the point where you are thinking only about yourself, you shouldn’t have a seat as a US senator.

Our country needs strong senators who are willing to stand beside the president and help him accomplish all of the goals that the American people are clamoring for.

Bolling went on to speak against John McCain and his attitude towards the president. There is speculation that this has everything to do with the comments President Trump made in 2015 regarding McCain’s capture in war. President Trump stated that “I like people that weren’t captured,” according to Fox News.

McCain dislikes Trump, and that’s his prerogative. But he appears to be ignoring clear mandates given to Trump and the GOP by the American people, such as the desire to see Obamacare repealed and replaced. If McCain is allowing his personal feelings to get in the way, he needs to take a moment to realize that he isn’t just hurting the president — he’s disregarding everyone who voted for him in the first place.

President Trump is making good on his promises, much to the chagrin of his detractors. Do you believe that Trump is succeeding in his agenda?

Finally, Bolling got around to talking about Lindsey Graham. He mentioned that Graham has been spewing “anti-Trump venom,” since Trump was elected. The monologue was concluded when Bolling stated that the Republican Party could do without the “bad hombres,” and that they need to be replaced if we hope to see progress. “Let’s make RINOs an endangered political species.”

Bolling brought up some valid points during his argument that we all need to consider. It seems obvious that these Republican Party senators don’t have our best interests at heart. The best thing we can do at this point is vote them out of office and bring people in who are going to help the president get things accomplished.