ALERT: Senator Bob Dole Issues Surprise Trump Announcement – Media Can’t Believe It

President Trump visited Warsaw, Poland, last week, where he specifically affirmed Western values and defended the idea that a country can put itself first without sacrificing camaraderie with its neighbors.

President Trump gave a brilliant speech in Poland and manyRepublicans are pleased with it, including former U.S. senator and presidential candidate, Bob Dole, who came out with his own praise in an official statement, saying that it helped “restore our position as leader of the free world.” (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

Prior to the G-20 summit, a gathering of world leaders from the 20 leading economies of the world, Trump decided to visit Poland. The visit demonstrated to the world that the president of the United States and the president of Poland are on the same page in confronting the world’s issues and are close allies.

While there, President Trump gave an amazing speech, starting with the violent and terrifying history the country experienced during the rise of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, describing the rise of Poland as it helped overthrow the two tyrannical forces, and its current efforts to be a strong and unified nation. He wrapped up the speech with a call for Poland and the U.S. to remain strong allies and be unified in its struggles against terrorism and tyranny.

The pro-West speech was eloquent and admired by many Republicans, including Senator Bob Dole when he released a statement showing his praise, “The President’s speech … was one for the ages, a vital, eloquent, and stirring articulation of the values and shared goals that bind us together with the Polish people and with millions of others around the world who seek to live in freedom.”

Senator Dole went on to say, “The message was desperately needed at this time from our American president and we are grateful for it and for the manner in which he delivered it.”

Many liberals and a few pro-Trumpers believe the president needed to act more ‘presidential’ and much criticism from the establishment claimed he wasn’t behaving according to their standards. Critics believe Trump is incapable of diplomacy, leadership, and eloquence given his strong personality and no-nonsense attitude. Yet this speech proves that not only is President Trump a welcome change from previous leaders, he’s also more than capable of presenting himself ‘presidentially’ without abandoning his values.

Liberal media outlets were quick to realize the significance and greatness of the speech and have stooped low to avoid reporting it or misdirect their audiences. Many chose to report on the first lady of Poland supposedly not shaking Trump’s hand, something Polish President Andrzej Duda was quick to bash as fake news.

It’s stunning that after so much criticism for reporting fake news, liberal news outlets continue to produce it regularly. (We’re looking at you, CNN.)

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Some on the left were offended by the speech, claiming it was alt-right extremism and evidence of white nationalism. Major Garrett, a White house correspondent for CBS, criticized the president, saying, “American presidents traveling abroad typically uphold American values, such as press freedom and the institution of the presidency. Mr. Trump, for his own reasons, did not.” What Major Garrett failed to clarify was Trump’s speech didn’t uphold liberal American values.

President Trump’s speech was excellent, reminding the world that the U.S. is not alone in its struggles to maintain solid principles in a world that’s values are slipping away. The American dream is still alive and well, but only if we maintain it and help others abroad fight for it as well.