WATCH: Bob Corker Launches Nasty Trump Attack, It’s Sick

President Donald Trump and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) have been going back and forth for a while now. Sen. Corker’s latest statement on the President may have crossed the line.

On Face the Nation, Sen. Corker came off as wanting to talk about politics. Instead, he waited for the right moment and started taking stabs at President Trump. The conversation began to shift when the topic of foreign relations started, specifically, North Korea.  At one point Sen. Corker actually compared President Trump’s behavior to that of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. 

At first, Sen. Corker appears as if he is trying to be rational and work in the best interests of the American people. However, one has to listen to the way he words certain things to truly grasp his intentions.

Sen. Corker stated: “The tweets that are sent out mocking a leader of another country raises tensions in the region. And so people are sitting there, they know they have got an erratic leader in North Korea, they lived with three erratic leaders.”

He continued: “Actually, this is the third one, then when we start exhibiting some of those same tendencies, it creates an air that leads again more fully towards conflict.”

When he said, “When we start exhibiting some of those same tendencies,” he is not referring to we as in, we the people. He is targeting President Trump and specifically his tweets.

It is hard to imagine how President Trump’s Twitter account is the same as Kim threatening to launch nuclear missiles at US mainland. Yet, here is Sen. Corker making that same claim in the form of a derogatory inference.

Because, as he states, “It creates an air that leads again more fully towards conflict.” Sen. Corker also seems to be ignoring the fact that President Trump has called for diplomacy as a solution between the United States and North Korea on more than one occasion, both on Twitter and in speeches.

This is the kind of behavior that helps to further divide the nation, many would argue. When Sen. Corker openly calls out the President and compares him to a Korean dictator, it does nothing to benefit the country or bring people together.

This rhetoric only complicates relationships and causes an unnecessary and dramatic back and forth that prevents any real work from getting done. Sen. Corker is not only issuing these statements during interviews, he is also carrying it with him back to his Senate seat.

Sen. Bob Corker compared President Trump to Kim Jong-un. Do you agree with the comparison?

Many believe that he is going to cause big problems as he heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The suggestion is that before Sen. Corker leaves he is going to cause multiple issues by challenging the President on Iran, Russia, North Korea, and the Middle East.

Sen. Corker has the chance to do the right thing before his term ends next year. It seems that he is going to try and clog the system the best he can instead of doing something productive on his way out. This is one of the most significant problems the country is facing right now. People are leveraging their grudges at the sacrifice of the American people and this great nation.