WATCH: Black Republican Issues Shock Demand to NFL Anthem Sitters

Many NFL players are continuing the protests that Colin Kaepernick started in his “fight against” the alleged killings of blacks by racist cops.

According to The Washington Times, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill (R), said those continuing the protest need to focus on the real threat facing the deaths of black Americans. The real issue is the number of black-on-black homicides, which far surpasses the number of black Americans killed by police officers.

Hill used data from 2015 to show that 6,115 black men were killed as a result of homicides, while only 259 black men and women were killed by law enforcement in the same year.

Hill told Fox & Friends hosts that the NFL protesters need to focus on the much larger issue. “In terms of protesting the issue of black lives lost, one of the most difficult things to fathom in this nation is the amount of black lives lost as a result of black-on-black violence,” Hill said.

Mr. Hill clarified that unjust killings by officers should be dealt with: “In the rare instance where a police action is unjustified, then we absolutely have to take action and where it’s warranted, police have to be held accountable and arrested and prosecuted for murder if warranted.”

Yet the real issue of homicides in black communities is being ignored. “But in the sense of what’s destroying our nation and our black communities in terms of generation after generation, this is a growing concern that seems to be ignored by so many people. And if we look at many of these urban areas that have NFL franchises, this would be an important area where NFL athletes could stand up and take note.”

He also clarified that he wasn’t suggesting we ignore the homicides that occur within other ethnic groups: “I don’t want to suggest that only black-on-black violence is an issue in this country — it’s not, we need to abhor all violence — but when we’re talking about the issue of saving black lives, that’s a dramatic issue that needs to be brought to the forefront.”

The 2010 Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals the data that proves much of the liberal narrative on this issue is incorrect. From 1980 to 2008, in this 28-year span, 93 percent of all black victims of homicide were killed by black offenders. Another interesting statistic is that 84 percent of white victims were killed by white offenders. Meaning between the two groups, white homicide victims see more interracial offenders than black homicide victims.

While there are instances of racism in our nation–and there are, in fact, some unjust cop killings based on racial motivation, both are incredibly rare. The real threat to black Americans, or any American for that matter, is the vast number of criminals resorting to violence, born from a toxic culture of hate and division seeping into the United States.

Attorney General Curtis Hill (R-IN) believes the NFL protesters should focus on the black-on-black homicides wreaking havoc across the nation and not protest the national anthem. Is General Hill correct?

Instead of boycotting the national anthem to protest the supposed rampant racism of police officers; protests that offend fans, military members, and law enforcement, NFL players would be better served focusing on actual widespread problems in American society.

Rather than divide our nation and pit us against each other and ultimately fueling the problem, these NFL players should stand up, show respect for this great nation, find ways to unite us, and fight against the real issues facing all communities.