WATCH: Black Republican Exposes Horrific Anti-Trump Plot

One of the common talking points of the political Left is that of “white privilege,” the idea that whites receive benefits allowing them to advance more easily simply because of the color of their skin. The idea of slavery is often brought up, as the historical practice of slavery is identified as the cause of the perceived discrepancy in opportunity between whites and blacks.

Elbert Lee Guillory (R-LA) is a former Louisiana state senator. In an insightful video posted on his Facebook page, Guillory dismisses the idea of “white privilege,” calling it a tactic of the alt-Left to pit the races against each other. Democrat politicians use race tensions to get elected to office.

In the video, Guillory uses an experience he had several years ago. He describes a business dealing he had with a man who had a visible Confederate flag tattooed on his arm. The man, who was friendly to Guillory, explained why he had the tattoo.

Guillory recounts, “He looked me right in the eye. He said ‘I’m not a racist. I’m not prejudiced. I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body.’ The man with the Confederate tattoo explained to me that his great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War and that by wearing this tattoo, he honors his great-great granddaddy’s service.

“He explained that in all of these generations, his family has never been wealthy. They could never have afforded a slave even if they had wanted one, which they did not. His family is one of the vast majority, the great majority of American white people who have never owned slaves.”

Guillory’s statements regarding ownership of slaves are true. According to US Census¬†data, less than 5 percent of the American population owned slaves in 1860, the year the Civil War began.

This simple fact undermines the entire “white privilege” narrative, which seeks to assign blame for slavery to the entire white race. But even if individuals could be morally culpable for the actions of their ancestors, how could all whites in modern America be responsible for slavery?

After all, slavery was practiced mainly in the South. The people of the North actively sought to end it, with thousands of white Americans dying for the ultimate goal of freeing the slaves. Should the descendants of those men be held accountable for slavery?

Even in the South, the majority of whites did not own slaves, as noted by Therefore, it’s a stretch to say all whites aided and abetted in slavery. Especially when many of them campaigned against it and even died to end it. How would people on the alt-Left feel about the assertion that ALL Muslims are responsible for terrorism?

Also, the concept of “white privilege” is vague–conveniently so for the Democrats, as the ambiguity allows them to reshape the narrative to their liking. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP), there are 13 million white children currently living in poverty. If white privilege is real, why has it not lifted them out of poverty?

The Alt-Left, otherwise known as the Progressive-Left, has been using the race issue to divide the country since before the turn of the 20th Century. Do you believe that the Left manufactures divide by pitting people against each other over race?

Furthermore, how can “white privilege” continue affecting blacks when there are so many programs in place to help them? Initiatives like affirmative action allow black and Hispanic students with subpar grades to get into universities unavailable to white and Asians with superior qualifications. This was seen in the case of an Indian college student who, unable to get into med school, was accepted after he pretended to be black, as reported by Christian News Alerts.

Guillory calls for an end to the racial divisions and instead asks the people of the United States to be united in “American privilege.” The Louisiana statesman’s remarks are a welcome change to the divisive rhetoric coming from the left.