BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Makes Shock Accusation, This Is Huge

Former Fox News Channel superstar Bill O’Reilly was known for discussing huge stories as they broke live on TV. Now, in keeping with his reputation, O’Reilly may have just broken one of the biggest stories this year.

O’Reilly took to social media to discuss the controversy around former Democrat National Committee chair Donna Brazile. Brazile has made some bold and consequential claims regarding the rigging of the DNC’s process by failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. On Twitter, O’Reilly announced, Fox News reporting that CNN management ordering air talent to trash Donna Brazile. If true, major media story.”

The big story is that Donna Brazile published an excerpt from her new book in Politico. Brazile announced that the DNC was broke during the Obama years and was essentially at the point of collapse.

Brazile revealed that former President Obama left the DNC in debt to the tune of $24 million. There was around $15 million in bank debt and over $8 million in vendor debt from after Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign alone. They were paying this off at an exceptionally slow rate because they had no money in their coffers.

As a result, the DNC needed a savior. Hillary Clinton came in with Hillary for America (the actual campaign), as well as the Hillary Victory Fund, which was a fundraising vessel with the DNC.

Clinton’s groups paid off 80 percent of the remaining debt, then left the DNC on a monthly allowance, or “life support,” as some have called it. As one would assume, Clinton expected quid pro quo.

Mrs. Clinton essentially requested full control of the DNC, and she got it. It is not uncommon to see a nominee take control of the party after their victory so that they can go into “full swing” and try to win the election.

However, Clinton had full control of the party about a year before any nomination announcement.  In other words, Bernie Sanders never even stood a chance.

Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders are not happy about this revelation. On the other hand, Clinton supporters seem to be asking “What’s the big deal?” They are refusing to accept the truth that a former DNC chair has laid out before them.

O’Reilly’s tweet suggests that organizations like CNN, who have spent the bulk of their time talking about how the rigging of the election was against Mrs. Clinton, are refusing to accept the facts that the candidate they supported, ironically, rigged the election to her advantage.

Bill O’Reilly claims that Fox News is reporting that CNN has ordered their reporters to trash Donna Brazile. Is CNN turning on their own?

Clinton supporters at CNN are so unwilling to accept the truth and so willing to ignore the facts that they have committed to demonizing Brazile, simply to persuade people to doubt her story. This is the explanation for “ordering air talent to trash Donna Brazile.”

Many have suspected CNN to be part of the rigging team from the start. It would not be shocking to discover that they are going out of their way to make sure that Clinton still appears as the victim; the candidate that never had a chance.  To admit otherwise would demolish what little bit of credibility they have left. If this is the case, the truth will be exposed, and we could potentially be viewing the last gasps of CNN before they succumb to the truth.