BOOM: Bill O’Reilly Has Terrible News For NFL – Trump Fans Love It

The NFL has finally stopped surrendering to the demands of its anthem-kneeling players, and one political commentator has a lot to say about it.

Bill O’Reilly said that the “National Football League boss Roger Goodell, by all accounts, will soon demand that players stop kneeling or otherwise protesting during the National Anthem,” according to his blog. “The NFL, trapped in a box of its own making, is desperate to find some graceful way out. But there really is none. If, as expected, the league orders all players to stand during the Anthem, one player has already predicted an “uproar,” and many on the left will immediately scream “racism!”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently made an announcement that many conservatives and NFL fans welcomed. In a lengthy memo that was addressed to the teams of the league, the commissioner stated that “everyone should stand for the national anthem,” and that it is what “our country, and our fans expect.”

The post on O’Reilly’s blog spoke on this very topic, saying that this week was a victory for President Trump, and that he defeated the NFL, its owners, its players, and all those who chose to support this movement instead of this nation’s flag and anthem.

“The president is correct, even if his end zone celebration is a bit unseemly,” said O’Reilly. “National Football League boss Roger Goodell, by all accounts, will soon demand that players stop kneeling or otherwise protesting during the National Anthem…In other words, ‘Mission Accomplished.’”

At the same time, many on the left have already jumped on the opportunity to attack. Amidst accusations that players who respect the anthem are acting like “slave owners” with a “plantation mentality,” some, such as Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers, have said that this decision is a violation of their First Amendment rights.

“Are these people serious? Unfortunately, they are. But they are kneeling on very shaky legal ground,” said O’Reilly. “Any attorney remotely familiar with First Amendment law will tell you that Jerry Jones is a private employer who can make and enforce the rules in his workplace, which just happens to be the stadium. Same for Roger Goodell and the NFL.”

“The NFL absolutely and totally misjudged their audience, apparently thinking that football fans would just sit back, have a beer, and endure some protests before watching their favorite gladiators give each other concussion,” he added.

With a recent Rasmussen poll showing that as much as one-third of NFL fans won’t watch the league’s games over these anthem-protests, O’Reilly’s point is very much on the mark. It’s one of the reasons why the league has been having trouble filling in stadiums for their games.

Bill O’Reilly says the NFL is trapped in a box of its own making, and there really is no graceful way out. Do you agree?

“But football fans tend to be patriotic types, the very people who voted for Donald Trump,” he continued. “In this debate, as is so often the case, the president was firmly on the side of average Americans who despised these protests from the moment Colin Kaepernick took that first knee.”

He pointed out that this entire situation could have been avoided in the San Francisco 49ers had simply told Kaepernick to stop his behavior when he first started it. However, CEO Jed York silently encouraged his behavior, saying that “I’m not going to tell the guys what to do.”

Bill O’Reilly concluded his post by saying that this entire drama will fizzle away as an unsightly footnote in the NFL’s history, but not without having lost millions of fans to the sport in the process.