BREAKING: Bill Clinton Betrayed By Top Dem, It’s Getting Ugly

Rising accusations of sexual harassment are causing many around the country to rethink past cases of harassment. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum one is on, no sexual crime is as notorious as that of former President Bill Clinton.

Now, in the wake of the sexual harassment epidemic, government officials are coming forward to disclose their take on issues both past and present. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) went on the record Thursday and stated that Bill Clinton should have stepped down from his position as President in the wake of the accusations, according to The Daily Mail.

Shockingly, Gillibrand didn’t just make this remark on an obscure platform. She openly stated that she thinks Mr. Clinton should have stepped down on a New York Times podcast.

A spokesman reported to the NYT that Gillibrand was not trying to underscore Bill Clinton’s actions, if they had occurred during this period, that should have made him want to resign.

In 1999, the House decided to impeach former President Clinton due to charges of perjury and obstruction of its investigation into the affair — not the affair in and of itself. The Senate, however, acquitted him of these charges.

Sen. Gillibrand’s interview occurred on the same day that Senator Al Franken (D-MN) apologized after he was accused of forcing himself on a Los Angeles radio host, Leeann Tweeden, during a 2006 USO tour. There is also a picture showing the Senator groping Tweeden.

Sen. Gillibrand is known for her no-nonsense approach to sexual harassment claims. She discussed the allegations against Sen. Franken during the interview. She said that his behavior was “very disturbing,” and went on to say “I was very disappointed. But it’s important that survivors are coming out and speaking truth to power and telling their stories.”

Currently, Sen. Gillibrand is the highest Democrat to admit what many were thinking about former President Clinton. This is causing turmoil throughout the Democrats in various ways.

According to The Washington Post, people close to Hillary Clinton are expressing their outrage towards Sen. Gillibrand. One top aide for Hillary Clinton sent a message Thursday night, cementing their disdain for Sen. Gillibrand.

The aide called Sen. Gillibrand a hypocrite and threatened her if she continued with her plans to possibly run for president in 2020.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand believes Bill Clinton should have stepped down as president when sexual misconduct claims were aimed at him. Is the senator correct?

Phillippe Reines released a tweet, and toward the bottom, it reads, “Over 20 yrs you took the Clintons’ endorsements, money, and seat. Hypocrite.” He continued, “Interesting strategy for 2020 primaries. Best of luck.”

Some are suggesting that the “Best of luck” remark is a clear threat warning Gillibrand that if she attempts to run for office in 2020, the Clintons are going to assure her loss because she chose to speak out. Democrats should publicly condemn this bully tactic — although those in the Clinton circle aren’t likely to.

Regardless of political affiliation, this important story should be heard, and is crucial to pushing society forward. Sexual harassment should never — under any circumstances —¬† be tolerated.