Biden Snaps at Reporter, Walks Out on Media After Briefing About UFOs

When will the media figure out they’re in an abusive relationship with President Joe Biden?

Biden has enjoyed friendly media coverage since he conducted his 2020 presidential campaign from his basement, yet he routinely becomes belligerent and condescending to any reporter who gets too close to one of his many scandals.

It happened again Thursday following a briefing about the three unidentified flying objects shot down by the U.S. military in recent days.

The president had finished his remarks and was walking away from the lectern as reporters shouted questions at him.

Instead of simply continuing to walk off stage — as he so often does — Biden turned around and pointed at one of the reporters.

But then another reporter asked the president if he was “compromised” by his “family’s business relationships with China” — and apparently, that got under his skin.

Biden turned to the reporter and said, “Give me a break, man.”

According to Fox News, Peter Alexander of NBC News then attempted to ask whether it was an “overreaction” to “political pressure” that made Biden give the orders to shoot down the objects.

Biden, already triggered by one difficult question, became impatient as another reporter kept interrupting Alexander.

“You can come to my office and ask a question when we have more polite people,” Biden said before turning around and walking off.

Although Biden routinely behaves as if he’s doing the media a favor just by being there, this outburst is particularly offensive given the recent series of unusual events he needs to answer for.

During his prepared remarks, Biden justified his decision to take down the three UFOs over North America last week but offered little else.

It’s still unclear what those objects were, where they came from and what they were doing in North American airspace. Moreover, many still have questions about the confirmed Chinese spy balloon that spent a week crossing the country before finally meeting its demise on Feb. 4.

It took Biden a shockingly long time to give the order to shoot the balloon out of the sky. He should absolutely have to explain whether¬†granting that kind of latitude to foreign spycraft had anything to do with his family’s dealings with China.

After all, Joe Biden was likely the “Big Guy” who Hunter Biden said was to receive a 10 percent kickback from a deal with a Chinese energy company, according to documents found on the younger Biden’s abandoned laptop.

But the president didn’t explain because he didn’t have to. He again chose to deliver his retort and walk off, knowing his flunkies in the establishment media would keep in their place.

In fact, chatter on a hot mic after the president left the room revealed reporters blaming each other for Biden leaving in a huff before answering their questions.

“That does not help our authority to get information out of the president,” one reporter can be heard saying.

Of course, it’s expected that Biden would spar with someone like Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who often holds the president’s feet to the fire for a right-leaning media outlet.

However, Biden seemingly has no regard for even the friendliest outlets, especially when they get too close to the truth.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.